1: Dans POV

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Due to technical difficulties Chapter 1 of Clouds was lost to the ages. Rest In Peace.
But, whatever, we are human we keep going after things get rough. So here is the new and improved chapter 1 of clouds!


Dan wakes up, staring at his alarm clock in pure distaste. That is, until he remembers what today is.

In a instant Dan jumps up, excitedly running 'round his room and getting ready. Pulling on a black t shirt while he jumps up and down.

He doesn't even stall his five year old antics while brushing his teeth. Singing the words, radio station, radio station, radio station. To himself while killing the jumble of death curls with his straightener.

Today marks the 2nd month Dan has worked at the radio station. And the first week with his new boss. who transferred from out of town. Who had met Dan a few times since Dan was persist ant and pretty much forced him into conversation any time they met. Which was easy considering Dan was the janitor.

Dan snaps from his day dream while he heads down the steps. Quietly humming random theme songs to himself while he grabs an apple from the island.

"Hey Dan," Dans dad smiles at him, looking up from his papers.

"Hi dad," Dan says, sitting across from him too eat. Dan's dad smiled, gazing back to his paper to finish up work."Can I borrow the car?" Dan asks, looking over expectantly.

"Oh, sure I may need to pick it up later though. To get to work," Dan's dad says, knitting his eyebrows thoughtfully and circling a word.

"Alright, I'll take the spare keys and park it down the road from school," Dan answers, they've said this to each other a thousand times. A bit of a back and forth between them since the family only has 2 cars and mom has work early.

"Thanks," Dan checks the time and stands, smoothing out his clothes and heading to the door.

"Bye," Dan calls, shutting the door and heading towards the car.

Dan heads to the broken down yellow car. Sliding into the front seat and throwing his bag next to him, he starts up the car. Feeling excited for today. He's never been the type that's excited for first day of school, really. But today was looking up, he had the radio station to look forward too. The first day was only used for one thing and one thing only. New people, sometimes hot, sometimes not.

Dan pulls into his parking spot, practically skipping towards the school. He feels on top of the very word. Singing under his breath when he reaches the school. Walks inside and turns, running straight into a giant person, great.

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