Lost Soul.

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Name✖Josiah Mathews



Sexuality✖ Gay

Species✖ human



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Personality✖ Adventurous, Curious, Considerate and Clever.

Habits✖He drinks when stressed.

Family✖ Just a father and a dog

Small Backstory

He was raised with just his father and mutt who are both the only living beings he cares about, he's a shy kind of guy but kind of tough once you get to know him, he doesn't really have friends since he's always hanging in the library.

Mental Health✖ Asthma.

Phobias✖ Being called out

Job✖He works at a grocery store.

Lover He Is✖ He keeps them safe, is nice and caring.

Lover He Wants✖ Someone who will protect him and teach him new things.

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