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Is the first thing you said when you woke up. You had a massive migraine and.....there was Alastor...

"Wait ALASTOR?!" You said sitting up. "Good morning my sweet dear!" He said watching you with crimson eyes.

"How? What? WHEN?" You asked him. "Nothing happened last night sweetheart, i took you to your room, we kissed goodnight and then I fell asleep on top of your chest." He explained

"Wait go back to number two."

"We kissed goodnight? Yes it was quite the lovely kiss."

"Oh no." You said facepalming. "I'm sorry Al." You mumbled. "It's quite alright dear, I enjoyed it." He said without thinking. "I mean!!!! I didn't mean to- i um- i.i...i"

You put a finger to his smile and gave him a tender kiss.

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