24. The Scent Of Him

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"Be patient

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"Be patient. Sometimes you have to go through the worst to get to the best."


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" A little girl's cheerful scream caused my eyes to flutter open. I blinked sleepily but squinted when the bright sunlight soared inside the room and kissed my skin warm.

I found myself curled up into a ball next to a figure, their arm draped over my waist while a blanket was covering our bodies up to our torso. I felt warm, comfortable and cozy. I couldn't remember the last time I felt like that one morning in a bed.

Wait. Where did that scream come from? There are no kids in my house. Yet. Am I dreaming?

The moment the scent of him entered my nostrils, I knew whose body I was lying next to. There was only one person I knew who had that scent.

Panic attack


Cayden's hoodie


Oh, fuck.

"Mommy, there's a princess in Cayden's bed!" The same voice exclaimed, vigorously.


Who is that?

Why the hell am I not opening my eyes?

"Wh-What?" Cayden's husky voice cut through my fluid of bewildered thoughts. When I felt him shift against me, I knew he was awake.

"Faith? Mom?" The second those names left Cayden's mouth, I ripped my eyes open and jumped up while my heart had a small heart attack.

Dressed in a peach-colored dress, an adorable, shorter and female version of Cayden was sitting crossed- legged in front of me on the bed. Baby blue eyes stared at me like I was some sort of princess pulled straight out of a Disney movie while silky black hair framed her pale-skinned face with bubbly cheeks.

"Are you Cayden's girlfriend? Were you watching SpongeBob? Do you like cuddling with Cayden?" She asked, eyes sparkling like the ocean itself.

My eyes blown wide and face heated up like burning lava, I stared at her like she was speaking Chinese.

"Dear, she's barely awake. Calm down." I glanced at the woman who was laughing by the situation in front of her.

The woman was slim with silky black hair like her daughter, but hers fell below her chest. She had a striking copy of Cayden's grey eyes and pale skin. Dressed in black jeans and a cream colored blouse with a necklace of soft pearls around her neck, she smiled brightly at Cayden and me.

It took me a second to notice the confetti being thrown at us and the cone-shaped pink hats on their heads while they were blowing on the birthday pipes in their mouths, enthusiastically.

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