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Sophia's POV
I storm my way back into the Alpha's house mumbling under my breath the whole way.

"Fottuto pezzo di merda. Non avrei mai dovuto venire a questo pacchetto. (Fucking piece of shit. I should have never come to this pack)," I mumble under my breath. I was perfectly fine by myself and he just had to butt in.

"Sophia get back here now," I heard Titus yell at me. I turned around and stopped.

"Have you gotten it through your thick head that you've decided to stop acting like a dick and realize that no matter what you try that the stupid mate pull will still bring us together. Mates are supposed to take care of each other and while I'm having a panic attack in the other room you don't even think about coming to calm me down. I had top call Brody and you got jealous of him. You should be glad or you would have to deal with me for hours crying. Do you even know what happens when I have those dreams?" He stays silent.

"I don't know why you decided to act like you cared for me the first day you met me then decided that I wasn't worth your time. I'll leave tomorrow and won't bed in your way anymore," I say turning around. I felt a something grab my arm and turned me around. I was slammed into Titus' chest. His intoxicating scent filled my nose his hand crept up to my cheek and the other hand on my back keeping me in place. He brought my face to his. Our lips brushing over. My heartbeat started to speed up and my breathing became uneven. He closed the gap and I froze for a few seconds. I was stunned. After I came to my senses, I started to kiss back. I started to stand on my toes feeling the need to deepen the kiss. Stupid mate pull. Both of his hands were on my waist. My hands wandered from his back and ended in his hair. He licked my bottom lip asking for entrance. I keep my mouth shut not letting him enter. He lets out a low grumble. I felt his canines start to grow. He bit my bottom lip as I felt my back hit something. I assumed it was a tree. He moved from my lips to my jawline. He traveled to my neck then rested on the area between my neck and shoulder where my mark was supposed to go. I tried to hold in my moan. I didn't want him to know I was in pleasure. I felt his canines brush the spot. I heard someone cough behind Titus. We both pushed away breathless. He leans his forehead into mine as we continue to catch our breath.

"I'm sorry for being a dick too you," he apologizes. After about a minute he looks behind to see who interrupted us.

"Alpha there's a pack of about 17 rouges at the west border," the warrior said. Titus sighed and started to walk away.

"I'll send Brody over to make sure you made it back to the house," he said before he leaves with the warrior. I let out a sigh and walk back into his house and go straight to the pantry. My wolf was grinning from ear to ear. I take out the Oreos and start eating. I heard the front door open and smelled Brody.

"Soph?" I heard him call out. I quickly hide behind the pillar in the hallway and saw Brody. He probably smelt me but didn't know where I was. As he walked down the hallway I waited for her to walk right in front of where I was hiding and I jumped out and screamed.

"Oh my god soph!" He said putting her hand over his heart.

"Hah I got you. You're a little baby," I laugh and clap my hands. I skip down the rest of the hallway with a grin on my face. I felt hands wrap around my waist and my feet were no longer on the floor.

"Brody put me down," I squeal.

"Nope. You have to say that I'm the most manliest man you've ever met," he says.

"Then I would be lying to you," I laugh.

"Then I'm not putting you down," He says holding me up still. I take my leg and kicked where the sun doesn't shine. He lets out a groan and drops me. I take this chance and go up behind him and kicked his leg causing him to drop down on one knee. I put him in a head lock and he starts tapping the ground.

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