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   This pool of darkness is my worst nightmare. Cut off from society. Is this is what death is like? Nothing but darkness? Am I dead? Am I dreaming? I did this for Rafael. I did this all for my brother.

  Kayden sat up gasping for air. She was in a room, maybe infirmary? She looked around and saw herself in a grey gown as her head pounded. How long was she out? Was Rafael okay? Her heart beated out of her chest as she got up and looking out the window. It was the front of the building. Outside she saw Landon leaving. She immediately left the room of beds and ran outside to see Landon gone. "Raf." She said and Rafael turned to face her.

   "Come on you need to be resting." He whispered.

   "What happened? Why is Landon leaving? Where is he going?" Hope watched as Kaydens breathes sped up in a panic and Rafael gripped her arms.

   "Hey calm. Shhh its okay. Everything is okay. You had a bad reaction to whatever MG did to you. You fainted." Rafael told her. "Come on. I'll carry you." He lifted Kayden up. "You need your rest." She laid her head on his chest frowning as she took deep breaths. "There we go. You're okay." He whispered to her as he carried Kayden back to the infirmary and laid her on the bed running his hands through her hair.

    "I feel so tired." She mumbled frowning.

    "I know. Rest." He whispered

   "Why did I have a reaction?" She asked him and Rafael frowned.

    "They think since we are twins our werewolf gene woke up at the same time. Hope says it couldve happened in the two years you disappeared." He whispered "We won't know until the full moon"

   "I'm not a werewolf I would've known Raffie." Kayden said and he shook his head shushing her.

   "You nor your body knew what happened in the two years of your disappearance." He said and she frowned. If only he knew the truth. She looked away nodding. "Listen everything is going to be okay. We'll keep you in here until the next full moon which is in two weeks and we'll know okay?" He smiled and she faked a convincing smile.

   "Okay." She whispered and he leaned down kissing her head.

   "Rest Kay. I'll come by later I promise." He whispered and she nodded yawning as she relaxed then fell back asleep.

"You have one job Kayden." He growled she was surrounded by pure darkness. "Get me the knife. Bring it to me. I saved you. You owe me." She whimpered and wanted to scream so she did.

   "Who are you?! What knife?!" She shouted.

    "You will know when you see. Take the knife and bring it to me." Kayden sat up gasping for air. The same dream again. She looked at the end of the room and saw a familiar lady. "Hope." She whispered.

   "Hey." Hope walked over "How are you feeling?" She asked.

   "Well. Tired. My head is pounding. I had a weird dream again. I don't know." She whispered "Where is my brother?"

   "You were asleep again for a while. Its been another day." She said softly. "Alot happened."

   "Like what.... Wheres my brother?" She asked and Hope frowned gently. "Is he-" she assumed the worst.

   "Oh no. No he's alive. He just." Hope frowned. "Landon stole something.. From the museum. And alot happened there was a dragon and we had to defeat it..." Hope trailed off. She pulled out a paper and gave it to Kayden. "Rafael wanted to give this to you." She said. Kayden took the letter and opened it quickly to read.

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