Ask the Heathers Cast!

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Welcome to the-

Chandler: We don't need an introduction.

@Broadwayobsessed12 asks: If u could switch roles for a day, who would you u want to play?

Chandler: Veronica, she's super cute.

Mac: Dukie because of implants.

Dukie: You're horny today.

Veronica: *blushes*

@Avacado31 asks: Who can draw the best?

Dukie: Me

Veronica: Me, sometimes we draw each other.

Dukie: Nude.

Veronica: Very nude.

@creepydork14 asks: Which friend's mother comes out when the others are being harassed?

Veronica: Mine, the others' parents aren't there that often. Sometimes, Martha's.

Martha: They just offer candy or a boot the head.

Question for Veronica, and two more questions, from @WickedLover55: Who's the scariest when angry/overprotective?

Veronica: I fear no woman, but that thing, *points to Chandler*, scares me.

Mac: *Points to Dukie*

Ram: *Points to Kurt*

(Mostly Veronica), from the same person: How can you tell the Heathers apart besides their colored shirts?

Veronica: Hair color, or their shoes. Or singing their favorite song.

Chandler: I'm a boss ass bitch!

Dukie: You a stupid hoe.

Mac: Boots with the Fur.

Martha Question: Favorite movie besides The Princess Bride?

Martha: There is no other better movie, all others are false and shall be destroyed. Those who oppose me shall die.

Mac: Okay, moving right along.

@BestSpaceDyke ask Mac: What do you prefer more, chocolate or teddy/plushies?

Mac: Dukie is already my forever teddy, so, I like teddys the most. (bUt ChOcOlAtE wOuLd Be NiCe ToO)

Dukie: fOrEvEr TeDdY.

Chandler: okay then...

@Gay_Paladin asks: Who cries the most after watching a sad movie?

Dukie: Mac, especially after the Titanic and the Notebook.

Veronica: I think that movie fucked everyone up.

Dukie: It hit Mac and Martha the worst actually.

I hope you enjoyed our randomness :p


Heather Chandler.


Chandler: You are a little bitch!

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