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   It was dark and scary. I felt so alone in this place. I was surrounded by nothing but blackness. Was it day? Night? I didn't know it was so eerie. I wanted to do nothing but cry. I wanted my brother so badly. I needed him but I rather him forget about my existence than him deal with the pain.

   But this is only the end of my mystery. I should start from the beginning. Where everything went downhill. My name is Kayden Waithe. The brother of Rafael Waithe.

A week before

  "Rafael. This is stupid." Landon Kirby said as the three walked down the dark street. Kayden had her hands in her hoodie pockets.

   "He isn't wrong. It's not right." Kayden agreed with her friend smiling with him. Her short black hair laid on her shoulders with a wavy look to it.

   "See even your sister agrees." Landon said in an over dramatic tone. His grey jacket as he had on his hood and Kaydens brother let out a chuckle shaking his head.

   "It is what it is." Rafael said sighing as he shrugged putting his hands in his pockets. The three stopped infront of the church as Kayden rolled her eyes and shook her head.

   "You aren't even catholic Raffie." Kayden said and he rolled his eyes walking forward then facing the two. Kayden had a bad feeling about him going into the church. "I have a bad feeling about this." She said

   "See." Landon said pointing out "I'm not the only one. Come on Rafael. And you shouldn't have to confess your sins." He added and Kayden nodded in agreement.

   "Kayden. I tossed a lawnmower through the patio doors. Guys," The three walked into the chapel "If apologizing to god gets Hector and Maria off my back, so be it." He said as the doors closed behind them. Landon and Kayden let out a sigh before rolling her eyes. She watched the priest and Rafael greet eachother.

   "Por favor, pray with me." The priest said and Rafael nodded kneeling down infront of the priest.

   "Landon, Kayden. You should wait outside. We can take it from here." The couple said and Kayden snorted shaking her head.

   "I don't leave my brother behind. I'll wait here." She said crossing her arms.

   "Yeah I'm with her" Landon said and Maria sighed frowning.

   "Kayden this is between the lord and your brother. Okay?" She said and Kayden crossed her arms tapping her foot impatiently.

   "Hey. Don't worry guys I got this." Rafael smiled softly at them. "Just wait outside." He said and Kayden leaned over kissing her brothers head.

   "Shout for me if you need anything okay?" She whispered and he nodded. She grabbed Landons wrist and pulled him out. The two sat on the steps as Landon pulled out his notebook then put in one of his ear buds. "What are you listening too?" She asked him and Landon smiled handing her the other one and the two listened to music. Kayden pulled out her phone and opened her notes. Kayden always wrote stories. It was her forte, and it kept her calm. She began to write as Landon wrote in his notebook and she laid her head on his shoulder.

  Suddenly a loud tire screech caused them to jump apart. It was a black jeep stopped infront of the two and a teen who looked to be around Kaydens age hopped out as well as a blonde older man holding an weapon that shot arrows.

   "Landon?" The girl said. Her hair was light brown as she looked genuinely shocked. Her shirt was a pretty purple color. Her skin looked so clear and pretty and her lips were a plump red. Landon looked surprised to see her as well.

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