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With a final glance over his shoulder, Nialand parts the veil between his world and the dream realm. The forest is silent. Not even the wind rustles the canopy above. Such a peaceful scene in the aftermath of the warrior's death.

This future is the hardest for him as one of the guardian deities of this planet. The mutilated man is one of his current favorites among their winged children, if only the warrior would open his eyes to the issues around him! The God fervently hopes the warrior isn't dead set on seeing this current course to its untimely end. He fears, however, without outside interference this path will soon become reality.

The black curtain shimmers as he passes through the gauzy material. Most creatures skim the surface of the veil, resulting in fanciful, easily forgotten dreams. Not many may physically pass through the barrier onto the future telling paths beyond. Those who do are said to be dreamwalkers. Once they learn to fully utilize the ability they can, potentially, alter the future - for good or evil.

Nialand steps into his home, a haven crafted of stars and sunlight set on the smallest moon orbiting the planet Caliah. He resides here with his partner, the guardian Koleth, keeping a watchful eye on the inhabitants below. A mystical scale aids them in this task. It's their duty to ensure both sides remain in balance, or as close to it as possible. Long periods of unbalance can spell the end of an entire race.

In fairy culture, Koleth represents the sun; fiery and bright, nurturing yet unforgiving, and most of all, constant. Nialand's partner is hot tempered and tends to enjoy the everyday routine. The whole "sun rises every morning" bit.

Nialand represents the moon; calm and calculating, showing different sides of himself as time progresses. In this respect, he handles change and chaos much better than Koleth.

Change. Now there's a loaded word. It's necessary for survival, yet so difficult a concept people often fight it heart and soul. It's the very essence of Nialand's being. In this way, the deities balance each other out perfectly.

"Did it work?" Koleth whispers in his soothing timbre. The bright God lounges languidly on a sofa in the viewing room. Nialand joins him before the vision pool and peers at the blue and green planet reflected on its surface.

"She agrees. Whether or not it will work remains to be seen." He turns his star-filled eyes to Koleth's fiery red ones. The bright God stands and saunters over to cup Nialand's cheek with a warm palm.

"Are you sure about this? It would be simpler to choose a champion from amongst our own people."

This isn't the first time the question surfaces. Nialand carefully fleshes out his answer. "It is not sufficient to solve the issue and return to the way things were. We'll be right back where we started in a generation, maybe two. History can and does repeat itself - unless we make a change. A permanent one. Koleth, my bright fire, the last time the scale was this unbalanced was during the great war when we... when we lost the children of the fields."

Koleth considers his words, their truth a bitter potion to swallow. "You're right. I know you are. Yet the winds of change don't always blow softly. They'll brace themselves, fight against even the gentlest of breezes. What you're suggesting is a hurricane in comparison. Are you sure she's up for it?"

Nialand's hand covers Koleth's, and his starry eyes close at the warmth and comfort it provides. "She doesn't have to change everyone's perception of the world. A single ball of snow can form an avalanche. If she alters but one path, the others will follow in time."

An arm slides around his waist and pulls him close. Nialand opens his eyes, his face inches from Koleth. "I place my trust in you, who fills my heart with silver stars. Let's hope she can be the change our people need. If the scale tips any further to the right it may spell the end for our much loved children of the sky."

What will their world be like without those bright lights racing through the canopies? These are dangerous times he's about to send his human game piece into.

"We open the portal shortly. It will require both of us to activate it from the other side."

"This is a one-way trip Nialand. The broken doorway will collapse after we force it open. She'll never see her home again."

"How well I know this. I've considered long and hard what ripping her away from everything she's ever known could do to her. She's a resilient creature, ever changing like the moon, yet solid in her stance with a fighting spirit as constant as the sun. The benefits outweigh the losses in this case. Nothing in the mortal life is certain, dearest heart."

A content rumble purrs through Koleth's chest. His much deeper voice sends a delightful shiver through Nialand's core. "Then let us toss our piece on the board and see where she lands."

The moonlight God's eyes sparkle as he closes the distance between their lips. They share a brief, tender kiss. This is the first time Koleth voices his approval for his crazy idea and it means more to him than the stars of a thousand planets. "It's time. I hope our people are ready for the storm we are about to set upon them." Their lips press together once more and Nialand hums, content, as Koleth strokes his long silver hair.

They pull away from each other with no small amount of reluctance and take their places on either side of the viewing pool. Together, they prepare to activate the ancient bridge between their world of Caliah and the planet named Earth.

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