Chapter 8

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Zayn's POV

I dragged her out of the bar, she was constantly stumbling and couldn't match up to my pace so I had to carry her to my car. I pushed her into my car and pulled out of the parking lot.
She had drunk too much, I guess, and now she's shouting all over along with The Black Ghosts, blaring from the radio.

"When the thorn bush turns white that's when i'll come homeee.." she sings.

This girl sure knows how to vex someone, and now when she wants to get wasted then let me get her what she wants. I took a turn into the woods and stop in the middle of nowhere so no one interrupts my business tonight.

"Hey why did you stopped so early, I was enjoying the song. Come on, keep driving, I want to listen to it once more..." she again shouts, her voice is giving me a headache.

"Oh you enjoyed it, then why not do something more interesting. Would you like to have some fun with me then?" I speak and her face lightens up as if I have done a favour to her.

"Ok!" She turns her face towards mine.

I lean closer and grab her neck and smash my lips on hers, my hands hold her struggling form tightly and my lips move to her cheek and then to her neck. I bite and suck her neck hard, enough to leave a hickey on her porcelain skin. She accidentally moans and I took it as an opportunity to smash my lips again on hers and push my tongue inside, her mouth taste sweet and fruity like berries as I continue to explore. I finally stop, and pulls out as she catches her breath. My hands now moves around her chest to discover her breasts.

"Ahh... What are you doing, get off me, stop it please..." She whimpers as she tries to push me away.

"Didn't you enjoyed it, there's more to it, you slut." I smirked and push her against the seat.

"Stop it, I don't want this, let me go you monster..."

"Weren't you the one asking for this, you wanted to get wasted and were ready to throw yourself on me, now I'm granting your wish, where's the problem?" I state and leans again into her neck and my hands now running across her chest.

"No, please stop this, pleasee" she continues to cry but I don't care. I know girls like her who just pretends to be innocent and shy but are actually vicious and scheming.

I pulled her overcoat off her shoulders and held her hands above her head, she continues to struggle but can't overcome my strength. I slide my hands under her top and reaches to unclasp her bra but suddenly she bites my shoulder.

"You... You bit me, don't blame me what I do next, you asked for this yourself." I take her top above her head in one go and she tries to cover herself with her hands.

"What are you afraid of, haven't many of men like me have seen you naked before?" I speak and remove her hands. Just as I run my hand on her arm I notice something rough on her arms. I bring her hands to myself to see it clearly.

Shit... She had scars, and some recent cuts too. Oh no what the hell have I done. Regret hits my head and I lean out of her and back to my seat. She weeps and tries to get her clothes back. I handover her top and her overcoat back to her with my head turned to another side.

"I'm sorry, I didn't knew..." I was cut off when she opened the door and left the car. I banged the steering in anger and continued regretting what I did to her.

Realization snaps me out of regret and I decide to follow her. It's dark and cold in the middle of nowhere, where will she go, she is drunk and not to forget we are in the woods, anything can happen to her. I looked around but couldn't see her, I ran in the direction she had went, but still there was no trace of her. And hopelessly I decided to go back but then my eyes felt on her, she was lying on the ground, she might have thrown up and passed out. I carried her back to my car. I can't take her to my home, my mother would freak out on the sight of me bringing a girl home. I am left with no option except to book a hotel room.

An hour later I book a room and lay her on the bed. There's only one bed so I wanted to leave her there but then decided against it, who knows if she would freak out the tomorrow morning when she finds herself in a hotel room. I decided to apologize to her the moment she wakes up. I lay down beside her, maintaining my distance from her. I hope she forgives me.

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