Shaila mom came and did the Kanyadan. Later, pandit Ji completed all the rituals.

Finally !! We were married once again. We stood up from the Mandap and were about to step down when I noticed that my shoes were missing.

Don't tell me !!

" My shoes ?? " I asked raising my eyebrow to Max, my bodyguard. I had asked him to guard my shoes.

I knew that Ananya and Vanya will definitely try to steal it and look they succeeded... All thanks to Max !!

" Boss, they were here only !! " He said pointing towards the place where I had left them last.

" Oh yeah !! Now, where are they ? " I asked.

" Uhhh.. Yes, I remember !! I had left this place once when I had to get some oil for the puja at last. At that time, I had asked this girl to guard the shoes. " Max said pointing towards Vanya.

Very well !! I should have asked Swapnil to guard the shoes instead of this foreigner.

" Max... Do you know what you have done ?? You handed over the key of the treasure to the thief itself. " I said.

" What boss ?? Sorry, I didn't get what you are saying. " Max apologised.

" Leave it, Max... So girls, I know that you are the ones who have hidden my shoes. So, what's the deal ?? " I asked turning towards Ananya and Vanya.

" That's what I am gonna call as a shrewd businessman. " Ananya said with a smirk.

Do they seriously think that I will fall for this ??

" 20,000 Rs. each to Vanya and me. " Ananya said raising her hand forward.

" What a deal ! Hmmm.. After thinking for so much of time, I have decided that girls keep my shoes as a return gift for my wedding. Max, go and get the spare pair of shoes from my car.. " I ordered.

I always keep a spare pair of jeans, shoes, coats and shirts in my office as well as in my car. One never know when they might come in handy !!

" Wait !! We knew it... We knew it that you will definitely do something like this. " Vanya cried out.

" That's the reason that we have taken or wait stolen your phone also. " Ananya said showing me my phone.

My eyes widened up at once. My phone !!

" Don't think too much that how we stole it... So we assume that the deal is still on !! " Vanya said.

" Of course !! The deal is on... After all, Malhotra will not be having a spare phone. Even if he has then also I believe that there must be some extra phone numbers and important notes that can be stored in this phone. " Ananya said.

" Max !! Go and get my cheque book from the car. " I ordered.

" Yes, boss. " Max answered and turned to leave. He stopped in his tracks when Ananya shouted,

" Wait !! We won't accept cheques. What do you think huh that we will go out in this scorching heat of June and submit your cheque ?? Of course not !! "

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