Chapter 36

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Hey guys !! I am back... Actually my written exams have finished today and just one practical is left which will be held on Wednesday.

My preparation for that practical is almost done. So here I am with then next update.


Neil's POV

Everything was great till the time the pandit Ji said,

" It's time for Kanyadan. Ask the bride's father to come forward."

Ayesha was still smiling. There was no change in her behaviour. All of us were confused. But then she was calm.

" Please call the bride's father for the Kanyadan ceremony." The pandit Ji again called out.

This time Ayesha turned her head towards Shaila mom. She raised her eyebrow at mom and said, " Mom, didn't you hear what Pandit Ji said ?? Come !! " Ayesha invited mom.

" Ayesha, how can I ?? " Mom pointed out.

" Mom !! " Ayesha said in a stern face which made Shaila mom shut.

Shaila mom didn't say anything and came forward for the process. It seems that Shaila mom knows very well that what happens when someone argues with Ayesha on this matter !!

" Beta.. Call your father. According to Shastras it's a ceremony to be done by the father only. " The pandit Ji pointed out.

" I don't give a damn !! All that I know is that Kanyadan is a ceremony which should be done by someone who loves you. The one who will weep for you once you leave them.

In my case, it's Shaila mom... And she's the one who will do my Kanyadan. My real parents... They are as good as dead. " Ayesha said.

" Ayesha !! " Mom shouted.

" I don't want to argue with you on this right now !! Please do my Kanyadan. " Ayesha blasted out on mom.

" Pandit Ji... Please start the ceremony." Angel said.

" What a time has come !! Look at this girl... She's calling her living parents dead ! "

" Have we came to this wedding to see this only ?? I mean I have never ever seen in my 60 years of life that the Kanyadan is being done by someone who is not related to you by blood. "

" Oh God !! These generation people and their new ideas... Indeed !! It's a kalyug !! "

Came some voices . The guests especially the old aunt's were the ones who were making such a small issue into a big one.

" Enough !! I have already told my decision. Shaila mom is the one who's going to do my Kanyadan.

If anyone who's present here has any problem then to them I would just like to say one thing and that is the door from which they entered this house is still the same.

So, if they want to leave then they  very well know the direction. "
Angel said in a cold voice.

All those voices were silent. The ones who were having the so called problems kept mum and stood in their place. None of them left the house.

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