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Jordan's point of view.

"Hey"I say to Emily and Alisa and step aside. They walk into my house.

"Hey. Since our moms are on a date and you would sit home alone, we thought we would come over and hang out"Emily says as we sat on the couch.

I nod and then I remember that I'm just in boxer briefs and a hoodie. I take a blanket and put it over my legs, covering my crotch. I blush when I see them looking at me.

"Anyway. Is Olivia here?"Alisa asks.

"No. Why?"I respond confused.

"Oh she said she would come. I thought she already left, but maybe she hasn't left yet"Alisa replies.

I nod. I kind of hope Olivia comes. I really like her and I wanna tell her but I don't know how. I'm scared she doesn't feel the same.

"Jordan! If our parent become a couple we're going to be sisters"Emily says excited.

I smile at the thought. I've always wanted someone close. Like family or friend. Someone who I can talk to. And Emily is like a friend and sister so that would be nice. Also I like her. But not like like her. Just like a friend. She's cool.

The bell goes again.

"I'll go"Alisa says and stands up.

She walks into the hallway, to open the door.

"I think that's olivia"Emily. I grin excitedly.

"Do you like her?"Emily asks. I look up. Not expecting that question. I nod shyly and scratch the back of my neck. "That's cute".

I raise an eyebrow. What's cute about that? I don't have time to ask that because Alisa comes Into the living room with a crying Olivia.

"Is everything alright?"Emily asks concerned. Olivia sits down on the couch between me and Alisa. Emily is on the other side of Alisa.

"I don't know. She stood like this on the porch"Alisa says and rubs Olivia's back.

"It's my moms. They've been fighting for a long time now. And today it got so bad my mom said she wants to divorce"Olivia sniffs.

"And do you know why they're always fighting?"i ask. Olivia looks at me. Her eyes are red and puffy.

"Something about falling out of love with each other"Olivia sniffs.

Emily stands up and walks away. I look at Alisa, asking with my eyes what Emily is doing but she just shrugs.

"I will get you a glass of water"Alisa says and smirks. She walks into the kitchen.

"Are you Okay?"I ask. She shrug.

"I think it's just. My moms were always together since I was born and when they are going to divorce it's just scary to think about"Olivia says.

I nod understanding. I don't know how I would feel if Lauren would leave me now.

I move so that I'm right next to her. I put my arm around her shoulder. She puts her head in my the crook of my neck and wraps her arm around my waist.

I put the movie back on and watch it while I'm cuddling with Olivia.

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