Chapter 21

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~~After Dinner. So evening.~

"Lance time to take your pill." Keith said shaking the boy, who was still in bed.

"No." Lance replied burying his face in his pillow.

"Why not?" Keith asked.

"Those things have something inside of them!" Lance whined. "They make me drunk or something!"

"Its because you're not used to taking them yet. Come on. Please." Keith Begged.

Lance lifted his head from the pillow and looked at his soulmate. "No."

Keith pouted. "For me?"

Lance hesitated and almost caved. "No."

"Fine then." Keith grumbled. "No kisses, no hugs, nothing."

"What?!" Lance screeched. "I'll take it give it to me!"

Keith smirked and handed Lance the tiny blue pill and water.

Lance took the pill, drinking water with it.

"Your mother told me." Keith started. "About what this pill could do. You being drunk was actually pretty funny. So why not see what happens with this."

"You sir." Lance glared. "Are evil."

"You love me." Keith laughed.

"Hmph." Lance shoved his head back into his pillow.

Keith leaned over, grabbing a marker off of his soulmates desk.

Lance, still laying in bed, felt a tingling sensation go up his arm.

Sitting up he looked at his arm. 'YOU LOVE ME'.

Lance looked up at Keith and deadpanned. "Really?"

Keith just gave an innocent smile. "Love you."

"Love you too." Lance mumbled.

~~~about 30 minutes later~

"KEEF!" Lance shouted from his bathroom. "WATCH!"

Keith quickly whipped out his phone and got his camera ready to video tape. "I'm watching Babe!"

"I'M A DINOSAUR!!" Lance ran out of the bathroom wearing a dinosaur costume. "ROAR!"

Keith chuckled. "Yes you are!"

"Now this dinosaur wants some food. So lets go get some!" Lance ran out of the room with Keith following and still video taping. But when they got to the stairs.

"Wow that's along way down." Lance sighed. "I got this."

He put his foot on the stair but instead of walking down like a normal person, he fell down them.

"Lance!" Keith shouted trying to hold in a laugh. "Are you okay!?"

"Wow. I got down those stairs fast." Lance said then looked up at Keith. "You do it! You'll get down them faster!"

"I'll pass." Keith said and walked down the stairs. "Where are we going?"

"To the Voltron Café!" Lance squealed and ran outside. Still in his dinosaur costume.

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