chapter 28

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Lila Rossi is a foreign exchange student from somewhere in Europe that wasn't France. She just transferred yesterday. You didn't hear much, but you knew she has many connections, talked with famous Hollywood actors and actresses, been around the world and had ton of money.

Didn't hear much, my butt.

Unfortunately, Mr. Damocles appointed you to guide all new students to the whole school. You seemed to be the main target for teachers, they seemed to always choose you.

You adjusted your clothes as you took a deep breath. You closed your eyes for a moment before opening them, looking at the school's entrance from the inside. There, Lila Rossi stood with your fellow classmates, often asking her about her trip to Netherlands, Japan and the Philippines. She answered them all with a smile on her face.

Suddenly, the bell rung, signaling that the students should all go back to their respective classrooms. After their retreat, you approached the new girl.

"Hello!" You greeted with the most happiness you could muster. "Welcome to our school, Collège Françoise Dupont! Name's Y/N." You stretched out a hand.

"Lila Rossi. I'm sure you've heard of me," She replied, crossing her arms instead of taking your hand.

You stared before you retreated your hand, slightly embarassed. "Well-" you cleared your throat. "I'm willing to show you around. Uh, here's-"

"No need." She cut you off. "I did my research on this school before enrolling. I just need to get to my first class." Lila showed a half-smile.

"Oh." You gulped. "Um, s-sure. I'll take you there."

You lead her up the stairs and to your classroom. You knocked on the door with Ms. Bustier answering. She let the two of you in and you took your usual seat beside Alya.

The teacher let Lila introduce herself with her eyes scanning your faces. You saw her eyes stopping at a certain blond-haired boy. Your own eyes narrowed. You knew what she was thinking with her grin on her face. You didn't like her already. Not one bit.

"I'm sensing you don't like her already." Alya whispered beside you.

"You read my mind."

□■□■ temskoop

A few months have passed and your mind didn't change about the new girl's attitude. You just found out from Alya that the girl was sending bikini photos to her boyfriend Nino, with a message, "What should I wear?"

You remembered Alya telling you that she will decapitate her. She's lucky that Nino is faithful.

Your blood boiled because of that. You didn't want to think of it, but it was disgusting of her to do that. You were confused. Her and Nino weren't even that close yet she had the decency to send him inappropriate photos knowing that he has a girlfriend? You shook your head. Why'd she even come here?

Now, everytime Lila would walk pass you and Alya, you would call her your best friend. That was her code name.

One night, Alya chatted you once again.



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