65. Guy-Friend Vs Boyfriend

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My mouth began to water and I almost forgot why I came here.

Important things first.

"Adam." I called his name and he stopped in the plank position. Angling his neck, he looked at me and smiled.

"You look cute." he stood up and complemented, wiping the sweat on his drool worthy chest with the help of a towel. Wherever the towel went, my eyes moved with it until it stopped against his lower abs.


A cough pulled me out of the trance and I found him smirking at my flustered state. He took a step towards me and I bit my lips nervously. In his half-naked presence, I had to remind myself of the actual reason why I was here.

"I need to .." my voice left in my throat when he put his hands on either side of me and caged me inside.

"Need what Alicia?" he whispered in a seductive voice and my chest started rising and falling. He knew what he was doing to me and he was enjoying it.

"I... um.. I.." I tried to find the words but his proximity was messing with me and so was the warmth and masculine scent he was exuding.

"I w.. wanted to ask you about N.." he cut me once again, this time hy placing his lips on mine. All the thoughts of Noah left my mind and I returned his kiss hungrily, wrapping my arms around his warm torso. His muscles clenched under my touch and he let out a small groan.

Picking me up by my hips, he settled me on the study table and stood between my knees, without breaking the kiss. His lips molded against mine, his tongue fighting with mine for dominance. We fought, and fought, and fought until we both were out of breaths. Breaking apart, we rested our foreheads against each others and waited for our heartbeat to calm.

While doing so, I felt something prodding my lower stomach and I gasped when I realized what it was. Adam must have noted my surprise because he stepped back. "I think it's time for a cold shower." he grinned against my mouth and before I could stop him, he was gone out of my sight.

While he took a shower, I pondered over my situation. His mood was good and I knew talking about Noah would ruin it. Besides, it was better for Noah to meet Adaline without Adam's knowledge otherwise he would never let him do so. After thinking for almost ten minutes, I finally texted Noah to meet me in front of the same park in an hour.


"Are you sure you want to do this?" Noah asked as I stopped the car in front of the rehabilitation centre.

"Do I have a choice?" I joked while stepping out of the car.

"I swear I'll never let Adam know that you brought me here." he assured me.

"You better not, young man." I chuckled.

He watched the centre with narrowed eyes. My eyes drifted to his hands that were twitching nervously. I knew a part of him was afraid of meeting Adaline, it should be.

"Come on." I said and pulled him along. "I'll distract the receptionist and you'll find your way to room no. 41 where you'll find a female version of Adam."

He waited at a distance while I reached the receptionist. The woman was different than the previous one, her hair darker and her cheeks were fuller.

"Hello, how can I help you?" she asked when she noticed me.

"I'm Selena Grey and I'm here to meet my brother Charlie." I said in a fake British accent and stood in an overly straight posture.

"Can I see your visiting pass?" she smiled and asked.

"Pass? Why the heck do I need a pass?" I hissed at her and motioned Noah with my hands. "I'm here to meet my brother. Who the hell are you to stop me?"

She licked her lips and her face paled a little at my tone. "Ma'am, we can't let you meet any patient without the card." she murmured.

"Huh? Do you know who I am?" I glared at her. "My father will hear about this." From the corner of my eyes, I saw Noah walking in the direction I told him.


"You are giving me a headache. Just let me meet Charlie." I chewed and she hurriedly searched through her computer.

"But there.. There is no Charlie here." she said in a scared voice.

"No Charlie?" I widened my eyes. "You lost our Charlie?" I screeched, thumping on her desk. "Daddy will be really angry."

By the time she checked her computer once again, Noah was out of my sight. Exhaling in relief, I plastered a fake smile on my face. "This is Frank Rehabilitation Centre. Right?"

She gaped at me in confusion and after a while, finally managed to say, "I guess you are at the wrong rehab."

Making an o of my mouth, I said, "Oh. My bad."

Excusing myself, I walked out of the rehab centre and trudged towards a lone corner, keeping my eyes set on the gate. I found a wooden bench in a corner. Sitting on it, I pulled out my mobile and started checking my inbox.

Fifteen minutes have passed when I heard screeching of tyres and sound of a certain bike that I was used to hear every morning.

"Fuck." I cursed loudly when I lifted my head and stared at Adam's built back and tall height as he made his way inside the rehab centre.


Oh Alicia!

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