Chapter 2

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Jamie's pov

Next day*


Ugh. I turn over to turn my alarm clock off, instead of smacking it I pick it up and throw it at the wall causing it to break.

I eventually get up and get my clothes and go to the bathroom to shower.

I strip from my clothes and turn the water on medium hot and jump in. When I get out I grab my outfit and put it on.

Jamie's outfit

°lilac colored crop top with a white heart on it

°high waisted, white skinny jeans

°lilac vans


°eye liner and mascara and some white glittery eyeshadow


°chapstick with some pink tint

Her hair was in a high ponytail with a white headband from lulu lemons.

I finished getting dressed and brushed my teeth and grabbed my so called phone from the counter. It was literally a square and I could only call my mom and 911 and that's it. My mom won't let me buy one because she doesn't trust me and thinks I will call the police on h-

I was interrupted from my thoughts by my mom yelling at me

"JAMIE GET DOWN HERE I HAVE NEWS AND IT'S IMPORTANT!" oh no... this can't be good... she sounded drunk.

I walked down the stairs and saw a women about 30 standing there. Huh? I walked up to my mom and asked her what's wrong. She told to go pack my bags... okay?

I walked up the stairs and grabbed two suitcases cuz I have a feeling I'm not coming back... I packed

All my crop tops




I grabbed my pillow and blanket and shoved it into the first suitcase with my clothes.

Then I grabbed my computer, computer charger, and 'phone' with its charger and put it all into a duffle bag.

I grabbed my second suitcase and put all my makeup and other girl things into the other suitcase. Then I plopped the duffle bag into the second suitcase cuz my mom told me I can only have 2 things to carry my stuff.

I dragged it downstairs and my mom pushed me out the door and said

"Bye bitch, your up for adoption."

It didn't even hurt my feelings cuz I never loved her. Ever. And never will.


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