Author's Note

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Hello and welcome to all.

Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Aethist or from any different kind of background, you are welcome and safe here. Your input and questions are all to be taken seriously. Every single soul is valued here, feel free to leave your respectful opinions.

In this book, I aim to share with you biblical truths that are straight from the bible and in context. God has impressed upon my heart to share my findings and hours of discovery and research. Please note that this is not a fictional novel but more a sharing of faith. 

I can promise you three things:

◘ All of my research is based purely on the bible and its teachings.

◘ My faith in Jesus is absolute.

◘ You are welcome to question my writing and voice your opinions, but I ask that you remain polite. 

My ultimate goal is to simply show you all the freedom that truth can bring. And I want you guys to have the same joy and peace that I have found in Christ.  

Without further ado, I hope you find something here that will at least get you thinking.

With love,


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