Chapter 12

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Recap: LakKar mischief behaviour with Sukor.

Chakor was looking at them, "get fresh! I'm going to make the breakfast." She entered the kitchen and was looking into the fridge.

Suraj and Laksh were glaring at Karan, "Chakor Bhabhi. Do you need help?"

Karan was looking at her in a pleading way, "you need?" He blinks with his eyes and Chakor nods, "I need your help. Suraj Laksh go!" She said to them and the both left from there into the small washroom.

"Ajay, the inspector is coming." Sid said and Deep looked at the direction like Ajay.

"Ajay you know what you have to do?" Deep asked him and Ajay nods, "yes, I know."

The inspector comes to them, "here you are three, where are the other three. Let me guess they are with the whore, right. She takes them all at once. You share everything even a woman." He was saying it and spit on their feet.

Deep made a fist like Sid, both were controlling their anger not to kill him.

Laksh was his fave first and was back at the room, "Chakor did I called you Maa?" He asked her innocently and Chakor smiles looking at him, "yes, you did." She confirms it and gave him a plate with food.

Laksh pouts, "What happen baby?" He smiles after Chakor called him baby.

Laksh ate the food without creating a scene, Karan had washed his face in the kitchen and was sitting next to him with his plate.

"Laksh do you think, the others had their food?" Karan asked and Suraj looked out of the house, there was something fishy.

"Shh!" He said and placed his index finger on his lips, he shook his head and gesture them to stay calm.

Chakor wasn't sure what to do, she stopped with her work. It was all silent there wasn't a noise coming from the house, but from outside.

"Oh are you surprised that I know they are there with her?" The inspector said, "after her open threat on me. I got suspicious about your connection. The night I was looking for a man, your friend Suraj, there was a customer at her place." He was laughing.

"I agree I didn't thought that first, but then again I gave it a try, why couldn't it be him? I guess you all know on which conclusion I come to."

Ajay laughs, "even if Suraj and that Prostitute have a relationship of bed sharing, what is your problem and how is it connected to your case. In fact it proves Suraj innocent that he has an alibi."

The inspector nodded, "yes, he has an alibi. A short one, you know why?"

Deep turns him, "we don't know and we don't care, because if you had any proves against him or us you would have arrested us by now."

The inspector hits his hands away, "again you are right. He has an alibi and I have no proofs for your committed crimes, till now."

Laksh and Karan heard it too, there were people, who have surrounded the cottage. They were waiting for an attack, but all they got was a warning.

"The police has surrounded you, we have a search warrant for the cottage, don't create a scene and let us do our work." The policeman said and they got shocked.

Sid looked at him, "till now? What you mean, you have a prove where is it?"

The inspector laughs evilly 😏 "in the house of that whore. Your friend didn't had much time to hide the weapon, it must be there somewhere and I will find it, you don't worry after I will arrest him, I will be after one of you. You know one by one I will get you all." He said and left from there.

Ajay, Deep and Sid looked at each other.

Suraj opens the door of the cottage, "don't you dare to touch her. Only a female constable is allowed even I know the law." Suraj warns them.

They were all checked by the police, even Chakor but from a female inspector.

The inspector reached her cottage, "did you find it?" He asked them, but they refused.

"It must be here. It can't be gone just like this." He shouts and the whole cottage was checked again, till they found the loose wood planks, they removed it and found a small hideout.

"Finally I got you!" He laughs looking at Suraj, he took out his handcuffs.

"Sir!" A constable called him.

"What!" He said in anger.

"Here is nothing!" He said with shaking voice.

Deep and Ajay were looking at the big fire in front of them, Sid throw the knife and clothes of Suraj in it. They burnt down all the evidences against him.

They looked at the fire.

"You are leaving, she will take it wrong." Suraj said to them, but they shook their heads.

"We are leaving to keep you all save, especially her." Deep said.

"Suraj give us the knife and clothes you left here the night." Sid asked him.

"Suraj, what are you thinking of, we have to destroy the evidences against you, the inspector isn't that stupid." Ajay said and Suraj handover them everything.

"Would you now leave?!" Suraj said and glared at them in anger.

Laksh and Karan smirked full heartily, "yeah leave!" They said in union.

Chakor was fuming, "don't you dare to show me your face again. You bastard get out!" She shouts and they all left the cottage.

Chakor looked at Suraj, "how?"

"They left to save us!" He whispered into her ear.

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