Chapter 8

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The bonding 4

Cyrus's pov

"Oh you're back sir?"

Valerie's babysitter said as she took off her apron, picking up her purse, she smiled at me. "Thank God, I thought I was going to have to call my date for a raincheck, I have been waiting for you, your mom said you should tuck Valerie in bed at the usual time and read her a bedtime story." She rushed to the door quickly, I was quiet the whole time. "Oh, don't forget to switch off her bedroom light, you know how she is about the dark." She rushed out.

I groaned..I wasn't expecting to babysit Valarie... I was so tired and hungry...

I'll order pizza.

I picked up my phone and ordered. I was about to go upstairs when the door burst open, revealing a very tired babysitter.. I can't even remember her name.

"Valerie's in the music room." She said panting. She rushed out again.

I just stared at the door, for some minute, before deciding to close it.

I went up the stairs two at a time, stopping Infront of the music room, I threw my head back and sighed.

Why me!

Don't get me wrong, I love my sister a lot but there are sometimes when she just act really strange like talking to her imaginary friend, talking to herself, though she's still young but as a young kid, you have to relate well with others kids around you right? But Valerie doesn't even try, she prefers talking, laughing and eating with her imaginary friend... Even the way she talks it's so plain and spooky. But I love her more than anything. I took a deep breath and opened the door. I closed it behind me... Valerie was sitting crossed legs on the floor, her back was to me, her blond her straight to her back, she was just staring at the drum set.

"Hello brother." Valarie said without looking at me. See what I mean?

"Hey Val, watcha doing?" I asked in the most cheerful way possible.

"Isn't it obvious... I'm communicating with music." She smiled at me, she was looking at me now. I gulped. She patted the space beside her. "Come... Sit with me brother." She smiled again... I went beside her and sat down.

"Um.. how are you doing it? Communicating with music?" I asked her, trying to strike up a conversation

"I don't know... I just stare at it and it talks to me."

"Ow...kay, um what's it saying?" I asked

"Can't tell... I promised not to." She chuckled.

"Okay then can you teach me how to talk to music?" God this is weird coming outta my mouth.

"You're not ready." That was all she said, bluntly and plainly.

"Well I am... And I can't wait to learn." I smirked.

"No... You're not, when you are, you'll know." She smiled at me.. okay for a 6 year old kid, she can talk.

And think like a 17 year old.

"OK... Tell music that I say Hi." I said.

"Sure." She smiled... "They say hi too." She smiled at me cheerfully


"Yeah.. you don't think music is one person do you?" She raised her brow.

"As a matt-" I stopped when I heard the door bell ... "I guess you have to tell music bye bye cause our pizza is here." I stood up and so did she... We went downstairs together,  Valerie and I sat on the big couch, with the pizza between us, I took a piece and bit into it, savouring the sweet taste.

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