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Please. Just. Stop. It.

Have you realise when you google "Wattpad" immediately under it gives you the option to search "Wattpad one direction"?

Bloody hell.

Obsessive teenage girls have taken wattpad by storm with these horrible, horrible fanfictions. They always have some normal girl who meets them. There is a basic storyline of them falling in love.

Why? And sometimes, it's something called "Liam Payne's sister," or something. And I really really hate the way people write them.

"Lol hi one direction," I said because i caught them backstage at one of their concerts. lol omg!!! "Who's this chick" said Liam, putting his arm around Danielle. "Dunno," she said, "is she your friend, Niall?" Niall shook his head and he took the pizza i was holding and ate it. I looked at Zayn who was looking at himself in the mirror.

Harry looked at me "your hot want to go out?" he asked. OMG HARRY ASKED ME OUT! "No, I want her" argued Loius. "But only if she likes carrots."



Sure, these are the quirky things about One Direction. But don't go crazy with them.

Don't get me wrong. One Direction are ok. But just don't make them do stupid things. Like;

'Niall Horan is a sexy vampire.'

'One direction came to my house randomly!'

'Being Liam's Alpha Mate.'

This is just a horrible combination of everything I've been talking about. The only decent fanfic I've read would have to be Switched – but I can't recall the author's username.

Seriously, there must be thousands of these 1D fanfics. Some people really ruin one direction for me. The stupidest, most crappiest books get millions of reads, and they fill up the fanfic section.

Might as well just create a "One Direction Love Story" section.

(no wattpad don't get any ideas)

And the Justin Bieber ones. You don't get as many of them, but that doesn't really matter. Still, they're annoying too.

But I never even bother read the One Direction fan fictions. I've tried. They get on my nerves, and I just want to strangle whoever made them.

Sure, I know you love them. Who doesn't? But seriously, don't go all crazy-ass with it. I mean, I have a friend who likes reading them. But she says, and I quote; "I don't really think of them as one direction members. I think of them as different people, but with the same names."

True. You don't know them. You don't know how they'd react. How would like it if someone wrote a silly, exaggerated fanfic about you and your friends?

"me and ma friends went to their concert. "nah i dont really like them," I said. "I do! They're amazing!" my friend Hazel gushed. When I saw them OMG THEY WERE SEXY "I like them now, I fell in love with Harry" I said to Hazel. after the show he chased after me and asked if i wanted a ride home. He drove me home and said "goodbye gawjuss" and kissed me!

Please make it stop.

*cries blood*

Mostly, I feel some authors read these fanfics just to have a laugh at how terrible they are. Most include the basic storyline of some stupid fangirl bumping into them in the street. My friend says, "all of them include the same thing so I keep expecting it to happen to me in real life."

If that doesn't say enough!

I know I enjoy some sneaky destiel on the side, but it's disappointing whenever I see a potential read and start reading it and its harry styles fanfiction

Thanks to Essaya for the idea for this rant. It is a very good point :)


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