Harry finds out

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Severus will be alive even though he died in the books and films (I want to remember Alan Rickman more than anything) I don't own Harry Potter that is all down to J.K. Rowling

Something was up with the Potion's Professor at Hogwarts School for Witches and Wizards, but no one knew what it was all about; he seems a bit skittish if that's what you call the Demon Dungeon Bat also known as the Greasy Git.

It had been an eventful last year for the classifications, he was finally glad that it was finally over until the next year which was only just beginning, another lot of seven years would be classified three months before the end of their schooling and then head into their roles after they had finished their schooling.

One of this pervious students was still in the school, not because he had failed all of his exams, he passed them all with high regard mind you, but he was learning his new role, he was becoming a teacher; one Severus Tobias Snape didn't want to be in the building, that one person that managed to get himself almost killed every single year without fail, that he was here. Now he was becoming the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, everyone thought he was going to become an Auror like his father but he didn't.

That person was Harry James Potter!!

Harry was walking around the school doing his rounds as he had a free period making sure that everything was in it's right place and that the new first years weren't lost, when he noticed the Potion Professor acting strange.

Stranger than normal really, it was strange how he felt about his potions and how he acted but this was even stranger then anything that he had seen in his time within Hogwarts.

Harry had gotten to know Severus a bit more as he was now into his second year of being a teacher after he had graduated, two years to know that Severus was acting strange, something he knew he would find out sooner or later.

Severus Snape was heading towards his classroom before the start of his next lesson after lunch when Harry saw him, something must of caught his eye when he looked again he noticed a very slight waddle and something.... perhaps two somethings slightly hanging out of his robe pockets, when Severus noticed Harry looking he quickly wrapped his robes tighter around himself hiding what ever it was and then walked into his classroom slamming the door shut.

Harry knew he saw something, something he was going to find out and fast!

As classes were about to begin, the students who had Potions were standing outside as was the norm with Severus Snape he liked to make them wait until it was time, when there was a knock on the door and all he said was 'enter' in his monotone voice.

Harry poked his head around the door when he heard the reply and slowly opened the door, much to Severus' displeasure "Potter what do you want??" he asked in the normal way he would always address him, just like a student really.

"Well I just wanted to ask if it was ok to sit in your lesson to be honest, I like to sit in with some of the others to get the hang of teaching as I am still a student teacher" asked Harry as he came down the steps towards the Potion's Professor.

"Really Potter do you have to? Are you that much of a dunderhead that you still need help?" Severus sneered towards Harry who happened to smile back at him, saying nothing more making the man sigh.

"Very well Potter sit in the back and take notes on how I teach" and so Harry did what he was told and went to the back and got out his note book like he always did when he sat in lessons.

The students filed in, most of them didn't even notice Harry at the back of the room, he was scribbling away notes on how Severus was teaching and how to interact with the students, believe it or not now that he wasn't a student he wasn't scared of him like he used to be.

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