Chapter 15

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I watch as my cousin falls more and more into my arms, while I drug her, her tired face erasing the hope to escape me again. I have to take her home and teach her how stuff work here...
I guess she still hasn't got the fact that she is mine forever.

In the distance, I hear a car approaching us, as if it is really close. I wasn't wrong. I turn around to see a car moving towards us. Did they hear Kathy's screams?

How stupid I am...Of course they did!
My eyes adjust more to the light. The car seems familiar actually...
Oh no. It's Stephan!

I take the drugged Kathy on my back and start running, the rain falling in front of my eyes and on my face. The car continues driving and soon enough, I can hear its wheels stopping. I ran faster, but I hear a familiar voice behind me shouting

"Dan! Stop!" Stephan shouts out at me. Imbeciles...They think that they can take Kathy away from me.
But no. She is mine. Mine and only mine, will anyone ever get it?!

The rain suddenly stops, lucky for me. Now I can run faster. Somewhere in the way, I see the door of my house. I am closer and closer but then...I feel a hand grab me and I fall on the ground.

Kathy fell beside me but of course she didn't wake up. Stephan, turned me around and started slapping me, but as soon as he started slapping me I started punch him, making him get up off me.

I grab my chance to get up and take Kathy, but then I spot someone else close to Kathy.

It was probably a younger kid that me. He seemed around the age of Kathy. He had ginger hair and a really pale porcelain skin. He held her close to him, his lowered eyes never leaving her out of sight.

I grunt and go to grab him. How can he touch Kathy like that?? Why is he even touching her?

The boy gets scared and tries to move away with my cousin.
I grab Kathy, by her shoulders but the boy holds her tight against his chest.
"Come on lad..." I say, my eyes pinning him with a hysterical gaze. "Give her to me and I won't harm you"

The boy shakes his head and watches me with hate. My nerves become strong and irritated. I hear Stephan behind me trying to approach me. Instinctively, I grab the boy instead and pull out my gun, pointing it towards his head.

Stephan raises his hands up. "Whoa, there! Whoa! Dan leave the kid alone!"
The kid struggles in my tight grip and everytime he tries to escape I tighten my hands more, suffocating him between my arms.

"Stephan!" He calls out at Stephan. "Lucifer, stay still!" Stephan answers him. My eyes blink and I smirk.
"Lucifer...So it is you, huh?"
How could I forget? Lucifer...He always loved to save Kathy whenever we played that old stupid game...He loves her. Probably not as much as I do but he does.
Too bad that now, he doesn't know that I'm the winner of this game.
Not all stories come to a happy end.

"Lucifer, stay still..." Stephan tried to calm Lucifer down. I sighed and chuckled. "You guys are so stupid. You tried to take Kathy away from me didn't you?"

Lucifer stops struggling and Stephan shallows. I laugh at their expression and let Lucifer go.

"Don't come any closer" I warn them and point the gun towards them as I move for Kathy.
Stephan and Lucifer back away. I take Kathy from the hand and drag her inside the house still pointing my gun towards Lucifer and Stephan.
"No! Leave her alone!" Lucifer suddenly stands out for himself. I roll my eyes. "Shut up kid"
"Lucifer, please!" Stephan begs.

Their screams make me nervous that somebody will hear them, although no one lives around here. I point the gun towards Lucifer and shoot him. He screams in pain and Stephan, goes close to him.

"'ll pay for this."
"I just did" I said and smiled at them with a small chuckle. "Now...go."
I get inside the house with Kathy and shut the door behind me.

Stephan's POV

I took Lucifer to my house and started caressing his wound on his shoulder. Thankfully, he wasn't killed. Just traumatized.
"Stephan..." He started
"Shhh" I try to calm him down.
"No!" He denies my will to keep him shushed. Uh, teens.

"We need to do something! We need to save her! Do something!" He says between his tears.
I hug him close and let him cry on my shoulder.
I always knew how much Lucifer loved Kathy and I understand his pain. But the thing is we can't do anything right now. We need a plan.

"Lucifer...We'll save her. I promise. We will save her."
He nods and breathes heavily.

"Stephan...I love her"
"I know...I know"

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