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"Yah! where you go three?!" Their mom said while pran, jaehyung, jung-hae was prostrate
in Pran's bed

Their mom was holding a stick and the three siblings was shaking beacuse of their mother

Their mom was about to slap pran butt, but pran spoke

"Yah! its the two fault they dare me to give jennie a flower and a chocolate!!" Pran said with high tone while her eyes was close

"Wae? jennie-yah?" Their mom looks happy, and pran open her eyes

Then jaehyung and jung-hae hiding their laugh

"Yes eomma! yes eomma!" Pran said afraidly and her two brother was hiding their laugh to their oppa

"Wait! i'll just get my phone, stay at your positions!!" Their mom said

And pran was gasping while her two brother was laughing

"Yah! why you dare it! my butt became dangerous at mom!" Pran said and he punch jung-hae and jaehyung arm

"Aish! Nothing,...... but its your fault!" Jung-hae said and i stroke his hair and he stop laughing

"Yah! stop im afraid at mom" Jaehyung said afraidly

"If you two didn't planned that i will give a roses to jennie and chocolate,...this will not gonna be happen!" Pran pinch jung-hae and jaehyung ears

"AHH!~" the two shout and pran laugh evily

Jung hae touch her ear, and jaehyung touch her ear too

"Yah why jaehyung's ear was not red like mine!" jung-hae protest then jaehyung giggle

"Aish! Cause he's too young so i just slightly pinch his ear! idiot" Pran laugh and jung hae still touching her ear

"Okay go to bed now honeys!" Their mom said sweetly

And the three feel relived

"Mom was weird but Go sleep now.." Pran said and the two go to their room

Pran lie down and take the picture

"haha my hair was long there.." pran said to herself and laugh a little

"Son?" I turn my gaze to my mom and smile a little

She come in and she lie down beside to me

"Do you still love her?" My mom asked and i sat my head to her shoulder, then she hug me, stroking my hair

"Yes eomma, but i think im late..." I sigh and she pinch my cheecks

"Son, You said you love her, If you love her, you will do all for her...right?" She asked and i look at her

"Yes.." I said and she pull the hug

"Then go and get her, don't be hopeless.." My mom said and smile

"eomma will support you, i know jennie is a good lady and just don't be overcaring at your career remember love cannot beat anyone.." My mom add and i nodded

"I'll try eomma" I said and she stand

"Sleep now, you have a shoot tommorow, sleep well son" My mom said then she turn off the light

And i keep thinking if i love jennie again...

But what if she is hurt when i she see me?, i don't want her to hurt beacuse of me..

I don't wanna see my love hurting

I don't want.........


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