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It's up.


Louis and Harry were sitting on the couch, Harry's hand on Louis' tummy.

"I'm gonna be a papa, yeah?" Harry smiled, kissing Lou's temple. "And how far long is the baby?"

"A month... And a half? Yeah, month and a half. They're due in November..." Louis smiles at his tummy. Harry sighs.

"I think it's a girl." Harry said.

"I know it's a boy."


"Yeah. I can already feel his dick." Louis shrugged, harry chuckled.

"You can't feel his dick, love."

"I can!" Louis looks at his tummy.

"No. You can't." Harry smiled,

"Yes... I-I can." Louis has tears in his eyes, crying now. Harry chuckled and held his arms out for him.

"D-Daddy!" Louis cried, reaching for the Dom. Harry has become less Dominant, Lou has become less submissive. But they have moment.

Harry picked him up before kissing his temple. "Aww... Okay baby. You can feel the baby's dick yeah?" Harry rocked the moody, crying boy. Louis grasped Harrys soft black jumper. Harry looked at the clock, seeing its Lou's nap time.

"Nap time Lou-Lou.." Harry whispered. Laying the boy on Niall's air mattress where Louis liked his naps.

"I think we have Leo over here..." Harry chuckles, grabbing Lou's soft, knitted teddy bear.

"Hmm... I want to sleep..." Louis sighed.

"And you will, you get to take a nap." Harry chuckled. Louis nodded and Harry gave the teddy bear to Lou and kisses his nose.

Louis falls asleep, his hand on his tummy. Harry yawned and rubbed on Lou's stomach, going to go ahead and work ignoring his tiredness.

What a good day.



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