Whispered Wishes

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 She wished on flower petals

And stars across the sky

But nothing ever made her wish

Until the butterfly

She whispered her desire

Then locked it in a jar

Now confined in a lonely glass

It wouldn’t fly so far

Only hours later,

Her greatest wish came true

To meet someone who understood

Like no one she ever knew

He had all her same desires

To roam the world at will

To find a place where he belonged

To be content when still

For four more nights

And five less lonely days,

Her greatest friend she’d ever had

In the city stayed

As time went on the butterfly

Stayed forgotten and alone

It slowly began fading away

Whispering wishes of its own

On the fifth day

As it turned gently into night

He told her he was leaving

To continue chasing life

As he boarded the train to leave again

Tears fell from her eyes

She ran into her room

Where she kept the butterfly

Vanishing into dust,

Its glorious wings were grey

She watched it disappear

Fading where it lay

She had already gotten her wish

Another could not be made

But the butterfly had made one too

It could no longer stay

She opened the jar and held it out

Into the open sky

The butterfly began to crawl

And she began to cry

She thanked it for giving her

The best days of her life

And apologized for trapping it

And causing painful strife

It spread its wings now bright again

And set off into flight

She watched, whispering wishes

Into the starry night

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