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*your username*: in low key missing my power puff girls 😔
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Fan 1:awwww
Lilia: we miss you too bubba 💗
*your username*: @lilia I miss you guysss too 🥰😔
Fan 2: awww this is so cute
Irisapatow: I luvvvv youuu bby
*your username*: @irisapatow I luvvvvv youuu tooo bbg
Hater 1: I don't get why she's famous, she's not even pretty, and those friends she has, they could do way better
*your username*: @hater1 oh looks like I have a fan! What's the point on hating on someone? If you hate the person then why go on their account and say stuff. That just makes you look like you care for them and love them, just saying, but the door 🚪 is over there sweetie 💋
Fan 257: omggg I stannn
Dante's POV:
I was going through instagram and saw the Yn posted something, I gave it a like cause no one knows about are fights except are friends. When I was going to slide down I saw a hate comment and then I saw what Yn said, I'm not going to lie she's on bad ass. I laughed to my self
"What are you laughing about?"-Blake
"Oh nothing"-Dante said smiling
"You sure?"-Blake
"I don't know man"-Dante
"I can see that"-Blake
"Ok look, should I give Yn a chance?"-Dante
"Yes you should"-Blake
"Should I go and talk to her?"-Dante
"Look she's coming downstairs go and talk to her"-Blake
I got up and went to her
*yn pov*
Oh no I see Dante walking towards me.
"So I was thinking maybe we can start fresh, no arguments no fighting just fresh"-Dante
"Like a redo?"-Yn said questioning it
"Yeah like a redo, only if that's okay with you"-Dante
"Yeah sure"-Yn
*a few days later passed the It cast went back home, Jack is in a relationship but it's not with Yn*
*still yn pov*
It's been a few days since me and Dante have been getting along. I started to have this weird feeling around him like I don't know. We were all currently on set.
"Hey Yn"-Eden
"Hey Eden can we talk"-Yn
"Yeah sure what's wrong?"-Eden
"Nothing but I keep on getting those weird feeling when I'm around Dante"-Yn
"Yn do you like Dante?"-Eden
"I don't know do I do I not?"-Yn
"OMG you like Dante"-Eden said as happy and a baby gets when they get to play with toys
Dante walking in
"Hey guys"-Dante
"Hi"- Yn, oh no I'm feeling it again.
"Imma be right back"-Eden
Oh great just great
"Hey should we all go out and eat?"-Dante
"Like the whole cast? Both"-Yn
"Yeah sure"- Yn
<I have something in mind ;)>

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