Chapter 2 - On His

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Roseanne West

"Thanks for the dinner, dad." I hugged my dad and he kissed my cheek.

"Happy birthday once again, my beautiful daughter."

"Thankyou." I smiled and released the hug. He got into his car and opened the window.

"Have lunch with me next week, Rosie." I nodded and he smiled. He bid his goodbye to Stefan too and he told his chauffer to go.

"Let's go." Stefan said and we walked towards our car together. We got inside and I put my seatbelt on. Stefan drove away from the restaurant and I'm busy with my phone.

"Rosie.. I'll drop you here okay?" Stefan said and I turned to him confuse. He pointed at the building next to us and it's a hotel.

"Why are you dropping me here?"

"This is one of my favorite bar, get drunk and have fun." He said smirking.

"I gave you the money and now go have fun. Get drunk, get laid and just.. enjoy life once in a while. You're 25 and you never even get drunk before so I suggest you to experience that today." I mean his suggestion wasn't bad either.

"Go and mingle.. flirt with someone." He said and I looked at him coldly.

"Go." He said and I found myself getting out from the car. Stefan left right away leaving me alone. I walked inside and started to look for a bar. I saw the bar sign and followed it. I walked inside and started to look for a place to sit.

I decided to sit at the corner of the room alone and ordered my drink. Suddenly I felt that I never have time to experience thing myself so I decided to get so drunk today and I bet tomorrow I will go back to my old and bored routine again.

The first glass wasn't so bad, it tasted amazing but I need more. I ordered my second glass.. my third glass and my fourth glass.. my fifth glass. Suddenly someone came towards my table, before he can talk or sit in front of me, I glared at him big time giving him sign that I don't want to deal with people.

Instead of going away, he sat on the chair in front of me. My eyes looked at him coldly as I sipped another glass of strong cocktail.

"I'm Ares, what's your name?" He introduced himself and I just looked at him bored completely not interested.

"You have a name right?" He asked and his presence in front of me really irritates me. I got up from my seat and walked towards the table in front of the bartender.

"I'll take another glass of these." I said to the bartender as I tried to sit on the chair. I felt a little bit dizzy and tipsy but I'm still quite aware with my surroundings. I drank all of the liqud at once and put the glass on the table. I played my hand on top of the glass.

"Wow.. easy there." Someone supported my head and arm when it slipped from the table because I was so busy looking at the cupboard behind the bartender which filled with alcohol from all around the world.

"Don't touch me!" I hissed as I pushed away whoever touched me.

"Here you go, miss." The bartender put the new drink in front of me. Before I can take it, someone took the glass and drank it all in one shot. My jaw dropped seeing my drink got stolen.

"Hey!" I hissed as I pointed at his arm weirdly. My eyes glared at him straight to his eyes but at the same time he licked his lips making my eyes shifted it's attention. His lips.. what is he doing?

"What are you doing?" He was shocked to see me leaning my head towards him.

"Your lips." I said as I slipped my hand to his right cheek and put my thumb on his lips caressing it.

"What are you doing?" He asked again but I ignored him completely fascinated by his lips.

"What are you doing?!" He pushed my hand away from his face and I just turned my body back towards the bartender gesturing him for another glass of cocktail.

"What a weirdo.." The man beside me commented and I just ignored him. I untied my bun letting my hair fall down because the bobby pins that attached to my hair making my scalp a little itchy. I ran my hands through my hair and smiled when the new glass of cocktail placed in front of me. I sipped it and giggled by myself.

"Are you single? Do you want to have sex with me?" The man beside me said loudly and I turned to him raising my eyebrows.

"I'm married and I have 5 kids." I said bluntly and I laughed weirdly.

"Where's the wedding ring?" He asked and I looked at my empty hands. I laughed and turned to him.

"Why? You don't trust me that I'm already married and have 3 kids." I said coldly.

"Wow.. 5 kids and then 3 kids.." He said flatly.

"Just go away.. I hate talking to an alien species like you." I hissed as I lifted my glass up drinking it all again.


"Yes.. men species are dumb, idiot, stupid.. only carving for sex and they don't care about what other people feel." I blabbered weird things.

"Oh.. you have a trauma."

"Correction.." I said as I put my index finger in front of him.

"I just hate them.. they disgust me." I said and my body fell towards him hut he caught me just in time. My head was spinning around and I felt nauseous.

"Heyhey.." The guy patted my cheek lightly trying to see if I'm still concious or not. I got up slowly and turned to him. Everything seems so blurry except his face.. wha- what's going on?

Next thing I know was.. my lips on his.

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