Chapter 59

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Chapter 59

I've been having the worst nights of sleep ever since I have gotten back home. I think the time difference is really messing with my sleeping schedule and I would end up sleeping really late into the night. My whole body has been shut down ever since and it'd be nice to get a good rest sooner or later. Audrey wasn't taking it though, dragging me to these events I had to catch up on and dragging me to the movies to see the highly rated one. When I had fallen asleep in the theatre she wouldn't stop letting me hear how disrespectful that was to her, even in her newest favourite film.

Whereas, Harrys been amazing. After telling him how low my body felt he gave it to me, letting me sleep earlier with our calls lasting shorter. It didn't bother either of us unless we had talked, that's all that mattered.

But on this fine Saturday, I wanted to edit my latest video and try to get it uploaded before midnight, then sit down with a cup of Russian earl grey tea and read a good book. Audrey's home had a patio outside with hanging egg chairs from its roof and it was the perfect place for relaxation. Not only did the backyard have a small view of the modern residential houses, she also had beautiful lorikeets that came down to her yard to bath in the bird bath to the corner of the patio.

When I had my laptop out leaning against my thighs, typing and swiping away, editing at my video a pair of brightly coloured birds had come down to flick their wings into the small bowl of cool water. I quickly grabbed my phone and snapping the picture to Harry.

'If this isn't the cutest thing I-' was the caption of my photo. Instantly, before I could even click from the app I see Harry had opened it. I then wait for him to reply, watching the bird's bath as they wished. The red square popped up and I clicked on it. Only his feet were in the picture in his tiled bathroom floor with the caption, 'not as cute as you, baby.'

He was smooth, always had been. I smile at him and drop the phone to my thigh again and continued to edit. It didn't take long into my editing till I heard children's yelling and playing coming from next door. I thought the Mildrews had moved out? They were an older couple who had their grandchildren over to their home almost every weekend. When I had moved into Audrey's home, Mrs. Mildrew had bought over her famous tiramisu and welcomed me to the neighbourhood.

My thoughts had been ruined when a blue ball came flying over the fence, scaring the birds to flight. Within seconds later the children had 'awed' before they scampered their way to the fence and looking over it, eyeing to me.

'Nan! Anna's back!' Stacey, the young girl had yelled running back into the house in search for her grandma. I smile, getting up from the chair and waddling over to the ball to hand it back over. Anthony had been waiting by the fence for his ball.

'Thank you, Anna!' he reached his arms over and I pass him the ball back and he was quick to hop off the fence and watch his nan walk through the back door.

I smiled at her small structure. I had missed her, to say the least. 'Grandma, Ve Bene?' (All right?) I had spoken in a language she would understand. She had waved her hand at me and chuckled. She waddled her way over to the fence and waved the children off to play.

'Come era cara a Londra?' (How was London, darling?) She intertwines her hands and smiles at me.

'Perfezionare! (Perfect!) I didn't get the job but-'

'Ah, fanculo! (Ah, Fuck!)' She waves her hand to the sky and furrows her brows. She shakes her head, tsk tsk-ing at the same time.

I laugh at her and continue. 'But, I did get quite a man, nana.' I wiggle my pointer at her when she looks to me, surprised as ever with the biggest smile on her face.

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