Crack Post #1

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Dashlie: He'll probably just say something normal like "how's your day?" And you'll be like "I'm not gay!" But you'll totally be lying. Right?

Don: ....How did you figure that out?


Ddawn: Why are you so freaking stupid?

Jon: Look, I ain't the smartest cookie in the bulb bin.

Ddawn: *now in physical and emotional pain*


Nick: Everyone has darkness in them. What matters is whether or not you act upon it.

Jon: So what you're saying is, everyone is bad, but some are just better at hiding it?

Nick: That's not what I meant at all!


Don: Why do people always use me as an armrest? I'm not that short for f--ks sake!

Richard: *rests both arms on top of Don's head* You were saying shorty?

Don: *blushes like crazy while plotting his murder*


Richard: Hey Don, Dashlie said you wanted to ask me something?

Don: What, Uhm, no I don't think so.

Dashlie: *texts Don* You're a little b**ch, ask him out.


Ashlie: *crying* I just love all of you guys.

Nick: Is she ok?

Matt: She's going through some things right now.

Ashlie: I wish I could give you all hugs!


Benny: *to his sisters* I love you two and all but some days I just want to strangle you.


Jon: What can a dollar get me?

Don: In this economy? Nothing.


College Professor: What do you want most in life?

Jon: Financial stability.

Nick: Happiness.

Don: The will to live.

Ddawn: Money.

Professor: Geez, are you guys ok?

Jon: Probably not.


Daisy: We should take a road trip!

Ditz: I think you've tripped on the road plenty already.


Jon: Did you buy me groceries?

Nick: I was bored.


Maddy: Tell me the truth.

Duni: I don't like Uni, I'm straight.

Maddy: I said the truth not a lie!


Don: I hate you  

???: Why? What's not to like?

Don: Everything.


Duni: *accidentally steps on a leaf and screams* OH MY GOD I KILLED IT!

Uni: It's just a leaf.


Uni: It's a leaf....


Daisy: When life gives you lemons....

Sierra: You make lemonade.

Benny: You squeeze them into the eyes of your enemies.

Daisy: *looks at Benny* You good?

Benny: *shrugs*

Daisy: An apple a day....

Beck: Keeps the doctor away.

Benny: Can keep anyone away if you throw it hard enough.

Daisy: Benny, we need to have a talk, are you ok?

Benny: Probably not.


  That's all for now folks, decided to do this last minute because why not. Hope you enjoyed this :)

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