Not Him, too

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~ Yanagi's POV ~

I woke up to the earbuds being yanked out of my ears. What..? I was torn out of my chair and pushed toward.. My open window.. Not this idiot again! I brought my foot down on his toes, and turned around, prepared to break a nose. Then.. There I saw.. Katsuki. He opened his eyes. They were wide too.. "N-Not y-y-you too.." I stuttered. He took a step toward me.  I blinked tears out of my vision, turned around, and jumped out of the window. I let my Demon out. I flew upwards and he chased me. I wrapped my wings gently around myself, and plummeted. I hit the ground, and rolled. I got up and ran. I bolted up to my room. Luckily, classes weren't over yet, therefore no one was in the dorms. I slammed and locked the door. I shut the window and locked that too. I paced back and forth. I was breathing rapidly. Frantic. I was scared. My knees failed, and I fell. I started bawling. Not Katsuki too! Who's next? Izuku? Denki? Shouto? Momo..? I was on my knees, my feet to either side of me. I brought my arms up to try and stop the tears that fell. I screamed into my sleeves, crying my eyes out. My fan jerked, and I jumped, my head snapping up. I.. I was so paranoid now.. I stood up, my legs weak. I took deep breaths, fanning my face with my hands. Okay.. Yanagi Yaoyorozu, calm yourself down and think. Maybe it was just a prank gone wrong. Maybe his eyes were that way because of.. I don't know, fear? Humor? Do eyes go wide when you are heavily amused? My eyes filled again, and my nose stung. As it does when I am about to cry. I tried calming myself. I took a deep breath. I held it in as I ticked off ten seconds on my fingers. Then I let it out for five seconds. I did that until I felt calmer. I'd be okay. Katsuki would be okay. It will all be okay. Or.. Or will it? AGH! This is pure agony..

I groaned as a burning hot weight pooled in my feet. It filled until it reached my stomach. Then it kept going. It reached my arms, and the weight spilled over into my fingers, scorching each one. I felt them each fill up. It went up to my throat. It felt like I was drowning. Yanagi! It reminded me of a song I heard when I studied in America. I sang. "I'm drowning in my tears, drowning in my tears.. Can't forget the pain I seem to give.. The pain I seem to give, my friend.." I fell. Yanagi! My palms hit the floor. I faintly heard someone calling my name as my head filled with the weight. Yanagi! Calm down, it's only in your head! WAKE UP! IT'S ALL FAKE!  "And just this time, I'm drowning in my tears..Drowning in my tears.." Wait.. Was that Momo? Isn't she supposed to be in classes? What time is it? Are classes over? Yana, it's alright, I'm here. You're fine, it'll all fine. Just take deep breaths and calm down, Yana. Who did this to you? YANA, YOU'RE SLIPPING!! WAKE UP PLEASE! Yeah.. That was Momo.. I felt my self slipping.. Falling into the weight. Oi, big hair, what the fuck is happen-- YANA! Oh.. Katsuki.. Hey..! Did I say that aloud? What happened, why was she crying? Big hair, I didn't know this would happen, I swear. YOU DID THIS!? It was a prank! It went wrong and I scared the living shit out of her! I'm so sorry, Yana.. I didn't mean for this to happen.. What did you do..? Katsuki.. Just.. E... Ex.. Plain..


(It's like a heartbeat.. But.. Instead of dying, she passed out.)

So, that's what I did. Yana, I'm sorry, please.. Wake up!

She's gone Bakugou. She'll be out for.. For weeks..

I'm so so so sorry Yaoyorozu.. I didn't mean for this to happen..

Call me Momo. If you are good terms with my sister, you are on good terms with me.

Yeah, I don't think I'm on good terms with her right now. She thinks I'm insane. I faked pushing her out the window.

Like yesterday? Like Alex?

That's his name? He's American?

Yeah, she met him when she was in America a few years ago.. Ever wonder why she always does good in Mr. Mic's English class?

So.. He went insane and kept trying to push her out windows..?

Not always windows, but if a window was open, yes. One time he actually cut her. Badly. Look..


Oh shush.. Look. 

Oh.. Oh my fuck.. From her shoulder to her hip.. What did he use for this..?

Hey, don't touch it! It still hurts her sometimes. She can get seizures if she doesn't take her medication. 

Sorry.. Will she be okay..?

She'll be out for.. I don't know. The last time it happened, she was out for three weeks. Let's hope it's the same for this.

What if it's longer. Like when she was kidnapped?

Then we mourn. We weep. And we wait. And we never do this again. Ever.

Yeah, never again.


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. The drama in this chapter is going to drown me. Hope you liked it, and the song lyric 'I'm drowning in my tears, drowning in my tears.. Can't forget the pain I seem to give.. The pain I seem to give, my friend.' was NUMB by XXXTENTACION. I altered the 'And just this time, I'm drowning in my tears..Drowning in my tears..' one. It's actually 'And every single year, I'm drowning in my tears, drowning in my tears.' RIP XXXTENACION. I'll Never forget. (Though I read that he was found alive on the 15th of this month. Let's hope he is actually alive.)

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