Chapter 4 Recruits

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The next day for Night Raid is going along fine and some training was in order, but not that kind of training for Tatsumi, Ieyasu, and Sayo as they were helping Naruto and Akame cooking breakfast. Not the normal assassin training, but it can't be helped and...

"Second please!"

"One more."

"More please Naruto-kun!"

"Keep it coming, Naruto-kun!"

Oh yeah, there's that.

Naruto's cooking happens to be the best five-star meals then anyone has ever had or seen, getting more food to cook. The knight's girls know firsthand of his cooking skills, being a very great cook and have well-made meals to enjoy. The more they want, cause groans from Tatsumi, Ieyasu, and Sayo how they are stuck with kitchen work. Akame loves the meals and how the silver-haired knight can cook such great meats for breakfast. She's on her sixth meal of breakfast and really loves the five-star meals.

Tatsumi and his friends were grateful they took cooking lessons to help them out in case they get jobs at cooking areas in the Capital. They never thought that their assassin training will be like this and now time for cleaning dishes.

"I don't see why we are stuck with kitchen work?" Tatsumi questioned as he cleans the dishes.

"Why are we doing this?" Sayo asked, drying the dishes.

"It can't be helped as I cook. And you three are with me for the day, so you help cook too," Akame replied as she took a bite of Naruto's food again.

"You just want the food!" The three teens called out, pointing at Akame, who was eating the food.

"I have no idea what you are talking about," Akame said, pushing that aside and putting some food away.

This caused three friends to groan and kept cleaning.

Naruto smirk at Tatsumi and his friend misfortune before finishing making lunches for a few people in mind and grabbed a wooden spoon in his left hand, just in case as he smelled a few people coming into the kitchen. It pays to have dragon abilities these days.

"Those aprons look good on the recruits," A certain female spoke, caused Tatsumi and Ieyasu to get upset and know who had just walked in.

"Say what?!" The boys shouted as they turn around to see Mine, Bulat, Sheele, and Lubbock with bags behind them and it looks like they are heading out for a mission.

Naruto, his Servants, and Sayo looked back to see the four all bag up.

"You guys going somewhere?" Tatsumi asked.

"Yep, we got a job. So, we are heading to the Capital," Bulat answered.

"Please take care of the hideout while we are out," Sheele said with a smile.

"Ha-ha! The newbies are housemaids with Akame today. Have fun cutting cu-ouch!" Mine said to taut but was cut off when something hit her on the forehead hard and held her head.

She looked down to see what hit her, seeing a spoon on the floor and look up to see Naruto with his left-hand outwards before putting on his hip.

"Yeah, yeah, keeping bragging to the people who are serving you. Your food mind you, Pinkie," Naruto said with a smirk, getting a glare from the pink haired girl

"Why you!" Mine shouted and was about to resort back but was tripped by Archer putting her leg out and caused her to fall onto the floor.

This caused a few to smirk, laughs, and shake of their heads of what just happen. Most saw that coming.

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