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*the next day*
Y/n POV:
I was sitting in my room when I hear screaming coming from my window. "Mmm I wonder what it is" I said to my self. I opened the curtain to see familiar faces. "Eee" I said so loud and ran downstairs. Me being clumsy of course almost falls.
"Aaa"- I said
I feel arms around me I look up to see Dante.
"Let go of me"- I said
"Okay but no thanks?"-Dante
"Nope"-y/n then I run off
"Jack!!!Finn!! Sophia!!!Jaeden!!Wyatt!! Chosen!!Jermey!!"- I said so happy running to them
"Man it was supposed to be a surprise"-Jack
"I told you, you guys make to much noise"-Sophia
"Oh shush Sophia"-Wyatt
"Don't tell her to shush"-I said while going to go hug Sophia
"Awe I missed you"-Sophia said hugging back
"I missed you too"-y/n
"We missed you too"-The guys
"Ahh I missed you guys as well"-y/n
We go in for a group hug and hear the door open
"Hey y/n the cast and — oh where we ruining something"-Eden
"Oh yeah Eden,Tj,Ethan,Blake,Cameron,Aidan,Dante this is the It cast. Sophia,Finn,Jack,Jaeden,Wyatt,Chosen,Jermey this is the the umbrella academy cast"-y/n
"Nice to meet you"-the it cast said
"Yeah same"-the tua cast
"What where you saying Eden?"-y/n
"Oh that we where going to go out to eat for breakfast and we wanted to know if you wanted to come"-Eden
"Sure, do you guys want to come? If only it's fine with you guys"-y/n said turning to the It cast when she said "do you guys want to come" the turning back to the TUA cast when she said "if only it's fine with you guys"
"Yeah sure"-the It cast said
"Yeah it's ok"-tua expect Dante
We all headed to a place to eat, I sat with the It cats next to Jack and Sophia
"Ba-Donik"-y/n said while squeezing jacks cheeks. "Ughh I missed them but mainly Jack" you said to you're self.
Tua cast POV:
"Awww tj look at Yn and Jack" -Eden said while tapping Tj
"Awwweee"-Dante said mocking them
"Oh shut up Dante"-Cameron
"Whattt can't a guy just joke around"-Dante
"Just eat Dante"-Aidan
"Yeah"-ethan and Blake
"Wait I have a question?"-Cameron
"Yeah what's up?"-Aidan said putting a piece of salad in his mouth ^we gotta love that vegan life^
"Does yn have a thing for Jack or Finn"-Cameron said while putting a bacon in his mouth
"Jack"-Eden and Tj
"Really It always seemed like Jaeden"-Blake
"Oh no no she wouldn't do that to her best friend"-Jaeden join heating their convention since he was next to Jaeden
"Yeah she would"-Dante
"Dante we said to just eat and shush and no she wouldn't"-Eden
"No she wouldn't, she doesn't do that to her friends "-Jaeden
"Then why wouldn't she? Is it because you dating her friend?"-Dante
"Well that's way stoopid"-Ethan
"Yeah"-Aidan and Cameron
"Okay then"-Dante
*back to the It and y/n pov*
"Hey jae what are they talking about"-Finn question
"About yn and who she likes, Cameron is that his name the one with blonde—-" Jaeden said
"Yeah what about him"-Yn
"He has a question asking who did you like or had a thing for Jack or Finn and Eden and Tj told him it was Jack and I just realized I shouldn't have said to out loud shoot"-Jaeden
"Wait you like me?"-Jack
"I like you too"-Jack
"Oh really"-Yn
"Yeah I have for a while but back to the story"-Jack
"Then Blake said that he thought you had a thing for me and then I said thy you would never do that to a friend, the Dante said that you will and then yeah they had a argument and stuff"-Jaeden
"Oh"-the It cast said
"I don't see why how Yn has a thing for Jaeden"-Wyatt
"I would never no offense Jaeden, I ship Jyatt and Jilia"-Yn
You all laugh, then the tua cast turns to look at you guys strange
"Oh nothing now keep on eating"-Yn said telling them to keep on eating
We all finish breakfast and went back to the house but it cast went to a hotel that they are staying in.
"Soooo Yn, Jack and you?"-Aidan
"Oh no "-Yn
"You sure was all the Ba-Donik?"-Aidan
"So you and jack do have a thing"-Ethan
"Idk how to explain it"-Yn
"Tell us"-Blake
Dante got up and left
"Okay so how do I said this Jack and me like each other but we aren't dating"-Yn
"Awwww"-they all said expect Dante since he left to his room
*that night*

The group chat Lilia and iris and Yn have is called "the power puff girls"
                            The power puff girls 🥵
🍒: y'all I have newssss
🍉:what's uppp
🍎: yeah what's up??
🍒: jack likes meee
🍉: really? Eeee
🍒:yeppppp 🥰🥰🥰🥰
🍒: hehehe talk to you guys tomorrow :)
🍉🍎: Okay byeeee boo 💋
<I'll update later>

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