Family Comes First Pt. 2-Jaime Lannister x Reader x Daenerys Targaryen

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Y/S/N= Your Sister's Name (She is around six in this imagine)


Sorry, this isn't the best I've written. Enjoy!!


The breeze bit on my skin even though Dany gave me one of her thick coats. Our horses trotted down the stone, snow-covered roads of Winter town, people filling up the sides of us. They watched carefully as the Unsullied made their way ahead of us. Y/S/N is behind me, in the carriage with Tyrion and Varys. I've tried to learn to trust Tyrion, which Y/S/N is appreciating. She really likes Tyrion, seemingly more than Dany.

I tried my best to not ride up toward Dany because she needed to have the factor of being next to Jon as a statement to the North, but I wanted to ride side by side with her. The whole agreement was not going to be favorable with the northerners, especially since they only recently named Jon their King of the North after losing the first one at the Red Wedding.

Dany notices the people's disdain and seems almost personally hurt by it. Jon whispers something to her with a soft smile before a high-pitched roaring covers up every other noise. Rhaegal and Drogon fly above us, singing their song like normal. Dany smiles up to them as the people seem to become unnerved. I smile, watching Dany and continue to ride.

Once we enter Winterfell, I am still recommended by Jorah to keep my distance from Dany until we are in more private places or when we aren't surrounded by the people who need to respect her and see her as a powerful figure. I understand that aspect but watching how Jon and her look to each other...

The younger Stark speaks and breaks the tension that was building between Lady Sansa and Dany, "We don't have time for all this, the Night King has your dragon, he is one of them now. The wall has fallen, the dead march south." He voice is urgent but monotone and Jon and Dany glance at each other before she turns to look at me. Her eyes give a hint of panic and sadness at the mention of Viserion's fate.

I ask Davos to show Y/S/N to her room before we leave to go to the Great Hall. The tensions of the three powerhouses, Targaryen, Stark, and Lannister, only grew after the meeting. Dany's mood only went down with it. She left the hall after it finished and went to her chambers, me following.

I shut the door behind me and she takes a breath. "All these people will never accept me as the Queen."

"Yes, they will. They just have to see how you have grown into a great ruler." I walk closer and stand behind her, rubbing her arms, trying to calm her down. She takes a few more deep breaths, "Besides, they need you to show them that you are not your father, and that will take time."

She nods before turning around to face me, "We should get out for a little while."

"Where would we go?" I laugh.

She smirks to me and walks to the door, "Follow me."


We approach Drogon, her faster and more confident than me. "Why are we here?" I ask, watching the gigantic animal careful.

"I want to get away for a little bit, the best way to do that is to ride off on Drogon." She gets on the black and red dragon with such grace that it looks easy. "Join me." Her smile is sweet with the genuine nature she can't show very often.

"Okay." I elongate the word as I walk closer to the dragon's neck and wing area. Drogon turns to face me and I stop moving. He stares me down before lowering his head for me to get on easier.

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