Dusk Till Dawn-Robb Stark x Reader

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This is imagine is based off the song "Dusk Till Dawn" by Zayn ft. Sia


I bent down to pray at the heart tree not soon before a voice stopped my concentration. "What are you praying for?" Robb asked bending down beside me.

I smile, "Victory for the North, your brothers, your sisters." I glance down at my hands to not have the possibility of crying while looking into his blue eyes. "You're safe return to me." He sighs before getting up and placing his hand out for mine and I slowly accept the help.

"I will come back to you, there is no denying that." He holds my hands and kisses them. I turn my head and stare at the pond, the water moving in the icy wind that started to pick up. He lets go of one of my hands to lift my face to his, giving me a soft and tender kiss.

He steps closer and I place my hands on his neck, all of a sudden remembering that this might be the last time I could do this. I try to savor the feeling of his lips on mine, my hands on his skin, his arms around me.

We break after a good while and stand in the same proximity, our heads connected and our breathing synced together, neither of us wanting to move away.

"I'm leaving today, Y/N," Robb whispered.

I sigh and shake my head slightly. "I know you have to do this, but I still don't want you to leave."

"I'll come back." He moves his head from mine to kiss my forehead, promising me the same thing again. "And besides, when I come back with Arya and Sansa, the North can be its own kingdom."

I back away enough to look him in the eyes, "How are you so sure about that?" I chuckle softly.

He looks down at the pond, the water now steady, as if it were stone, "Because, I will be King." He smiles and looks back up to me. "And you will be Queen."


"He's not coming back, is he?" Bran's question was more of a statement as he picked at the grass under him. He leaned on the rock and stared emotionless into the pool that reflected the heart tree. "The servants say that he was killed down in the Riverlands, near the Twins." He muttered. "Said that the Boltons and Freys watched it happen."

I can't deny that I've heard the rumors spreading through the castle, but I haven't heard anything that proved it wrong, either. Though, I definitely wasn't going to tell him any of this. "There isn't anything confirming this information. Robb is a great fighter and leader, don't doubt him now, Bran." I scoot closer to him and wrap my arm around his shoulder. "Just because he isn't here, doesn't mean that he won't return."

"Mother hasn't when she promised she would. Sansa and Arya haven't." His voice seemed to get higher and higher with each person of his family's names until he got the last of them, where his voice was cold and hard. "Father didn't."

I paused, thinking of how I could possibly convince him of something that I was having trouble believing. "When Robb gets back, your sisters and your mother will be with him." I pulled him closer to me and rubbed his arm up and down.

"What will happen if he does come back?" Bran turned his face up to watch my answer, worry present on his face.

I sigh, turning my attention from the pool to Bran and smile softly to him. "Then, he will be King."


With Bran on my back, arms wrapped around my neck and my hands on his knees to keep him in place, I walk us back to Winterfell and found a chaotic scene. I bounced to get a better grip on Bran before heading over to the closest person, Osha. "What is going on?"

She spots Bran and, after realizing my struggle to not drop him, takes him off my back and onto hers. "I don't know, milady." She says.

I nod slowly, watching the scene before heading to my chambers as Bran and Rickon decide to stay in the courtyard with the direwolves. My mind flickers from the scene to thinking of Robb as soon as I shut the door. Again.

The rumors haven't been heard by me anymore but they are still present in my fears. I can't express any of my thoughts to anyone here because I can't tell his brothers for fear of frightening them more than they already are and I can't discuss it with the lords because then they will start doubting Robb's rule and if he is even still alive to serve. At this point, I don't know how I would be able to move on if he didn't come back.

The sound of horses and a carriage yank me from those thoughts. Someone of importance was entering Winterfell. I walk out of the room after wiping my eyes of the tears that began to form. I tried to hurry down the hall so I could stand next to Bran when they got off the horses and out of the carriage.

As I passed by the crowd forming, I saw blue eyes. The blue eyes that I have seen for years. The ones I fell in love with so long ago.


He spotted me almost as soon as I did him. He excused himself of the lords talking to him, not moving his eyes from mine. I pushed my way through the crowd and he did the same on his side until we were out of the way of people and we could run, and I ran. I ran into his arms and he lifted me up into the greatest hug I think I have ever gotten. I started to cry as our grips tightened around each other if that was even possible.

After long moments of the hug, he finally put me back down on the ground and turned to his mother, who only nodded and she went back to talking to the lords. He smiled so wide as he took my hand and dragged me away from the courtyard to his rooms.

As soon as he shut his door, he pulled me to him and kissed me passionately and, seemingly, desperate. His breathing was heavy and mine was as well and we wrapped our arms around each other, trying to get as close as possible.

We broke off when he realized that I was starting to cry, "What's wrong?" He asked panicked.

I breathe in slowly so I could try and speak without breaking back down, "Everyone said that you were dead. We heard nothing and they said that you were killed in the Riverlands, while the Freys and Boltons watched and did nothing to help you."

Robb broke off my outpour of thoughts, "Shh, I'm not dead. I'm here with you, right now. It's only us now." He smiles to me, cupping my face in his hands, "I'm not leaving anymore, not without you with me." His smile gets wider while a mischievous look flashes in his eyes, "My Queen." He whispers.

I laugh and shake my head, grabbing his collar and pulling him closer to me for another kiss.

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