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Colby went to the academy, Holly went home to wait and Olivia stayed close to Rebecca. The labor hadn't officially started as far as Rebecca was concerned when everybody was at the house but in the last 3 hours that it had just been the two girls, it had picked up quickly.

The contractions that were once every hour were now 4 every hour, every 15 minutes on the dot. Olivia was sat on top of the counter in the kitchen with Rebecca's phone in her hand as Rebecca stood in front of her gripping the counter on either side of the little girl's legs

"Again?" Olivia asked quietly and Rebecca nodded, Olivia hit the start button on the timer before sitting the phone down next to her and put her hands on Rebecca's arms "Breathe.." she said quietly "Relax.." she said

"This one is stronger than the last one" Rebecca said in a shaky breath

"Should I call Daddy?" she asked and Rebecca nodded

"Don't move yet.." she said to the little girl "You're my support at the moment" she said

"Not going anywhere" Olivia shook her head

After that contraction was over, Olivia called Colby. Rebecca made her way into the living room as the little girl was on the phone

"How much pain is she in?" Colby asked

"That's a stupid question" Olivia said

"Just.. tell her I'm on my way. Call Mimi and tell her to come get you" he said

"Olivia.." Rebecca said and got the little girl's attention

"Daddy I gotta go" Olivia said

"What is happening? Are you helping?" he asked

"I gotta go!" Olivia said again before hanging up the phone quickly and running over to Rebecca

"Take your elbows and press on my back..my lower back" she said and guided her "Press as hard as you can" she said

"Like that?" Olivia asked as she pressed with all of her force and Rebecca nodded "Daddy is almost here" she said

Colby came home 10 minutes later and in the middle of another contraction. He walked into the living room to see Rebecca sitting on the couch with Olivia sitting in front of her as she held her hands

"Hey, are you okay?" Colby asked as he walked into the room

"Shh.." Rebecca shushed him

"Don't talk during contractions!" Olivia scolded

"Okay.." Rebecca lifted her head up "That one's over" she said and Olivia pressed stop on the timer

"Just over a minute" Olivia said and Rebecca nodded before looking at Colby

"What?" Rebecca asked him

"She told me not to talk" he pointed to Olivia

"You can talk when she's not having a contraction" Olivia explained

Holly came 30 minutes later and picked Olivia up. Colby and Rebecca made their way to the hospital. Colby looked over at Rebecca on the drive there as her nails dug into his arm

"You doing okay?" he asked

"Never better" she said quietly

"We're almost there" he said "8 minutes"

"Don't tell me the time" she shook her head "Considering they're coming every 5 minutes now.. I'm gonna have 2 more before we get checked in" she explained "Speaking of"

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