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Hi guys I know your probably wondering where the hell is the update but I just want to ask you guys about something. I'm kind of stuck on which idea I should have for a fresh book I have 2 ideas so far.

( there might be a squeal for this book [ the bosses daughter ], I'm going to make the decision on that when I finish this book. )

Ok my 1st idea for the fresh book was this....

Title: The problems of a relationship.

Description:   Lisa and Jennie are both business women. They both come from rich families. Both own powerful business Lisa in the photography  business and Jennie in the fashion world. They both have the money but money, it wasn't the issue, there relationship was.

Jennie and Lisa have been going out for a year and a half now and they both love each other. They have problems that they have to tackle as a couple and if they come out strong was up to them. Would they fail and just end up breaking themselves.

( Lisa is g!p.  Chaesoo is also in the book and Jisoo will be g!p meaning Lisa and Jisoo will both have a dick. )

2nd idea

Title: More than fan service

Description:  Jennie and Lisa are apart of the biggest kpop girl group of this generation. People always think that ships are for fan service and that they do it for the cameras, but what if it wasn't for the cameras.

What if jenlisa was more than a ship how about if it was real. Maybe at first it was just something fun for the fans but what is Jennie and Lisa end up falling in love....

( Also chaesoo )

What do you guys think I'm open to suggestions which idea should I do and shall I do a g!p story. Are you guys comfortable with that.... comment below👀

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