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[ a little bit of a time skip - a week ]

Lisa PoV

Jennie and Jisoo we're in the bosses office and I was waiting for Krystal and Kai to come out of my studio, Rose was also waiting out here with me. Me and Krystal made him so mad it was historical.

Rose: that was funny Kai looked like he was about to explode.

I couldn't help but laugh.

Lisa: Yeah Krystal killed it hopefully this video comes out great so I can send it to YG and show him how much of a scum bag Kai is

I just can't wait.... say bye bye engagement.

I set up a hidden camera in my studio to record when Krystal presses this little remote control, it records and hopefully we get some great footage out of this.

Rose: this better not end up looking like a sex type

I chuckle as me and Rose wait near my studio for the deed to be done.

Lisa: even better

Rose nudges me

Rose: ewwwww pervert

I chuckle

Lisa: Not for me to watch it I mean if we sent it to YG it will make Kai look twice as bad.

Rose rolled her eyes.

Couple of moments later...

Kai storms out of my studio and into his without glancing around at everyone.

Me and Rose walked in and we see Krystal smirking, as she walks up to my laptop and brought up the video on the laptop screen.

Krystal: we got him ladies

Me and Rose clap our hands in excitement. As we watch the video and lets just say we got him.

Lisa: this is perfect we got him shouting and grabbing you and also we got you two making out, this will definitely prove that Kai is a scum bag.

I just love this feeling I have right now. Few more steps and this dumb engagement plan is done for. This video will show YG that Kai isn't right for Jennie, he's controlling and he'll hurt her if he doesn't get his way and YG needs to see this.

Rose: Krystal your ok right Kai looked like he was grabbing onto your arm a little rough.

Krystal chuckled

Krystal: don't worry about it Rose he's not really that strong so it didn't really hurt I just acted up a little for the recording.

Krystal: send that to your boss on the unknown email and all we have to do is wait for the aftermath and Kai will beg to get back together with me.

I nod and logged onto the unknown email and sent YG the video. Rose takes the hidden camera and puts it back in Krystal's bag. We all smirked. It's done.


Jennie: dad me and Jisoo are going to the lunch area to get some food.

I just nod at Jennie as I was looking through my emails. I near Jennie and Jisoo leave. But I noticed I had received an email from an unknown email. I open it and it was an video attached. There was no writing, it was just a video. Who the hell is this and what are they sending me.

I click on the video and I couldn't believe my eyes. Kai.... he's a dead man.

After I watched this video it's clear to me. I was wrong all along about Kai. He's a man that has no respect for a woman the way he grabbed that girl and then forcefully kissed her... it makes me sick. My daughter can't be with a person like that.

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