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Jennies PoV

I woke up this morning, feeling Lisa's arms wrapped around me. I'm always so happy being wrapped up with her. This feels like home. I feel so safe here, with Lisa protecting me. She hold me so tight like I'm running away and that makes me just melt.

Lisa was still asleep, her face was like a baby it was really cute. Her features were so soft, it was perfect.

I decided I want to go down and make her some breakfast. I pecked Lisa on the lips and I was about to get out of bed until I felt Lisa pull me back in her arms hugging me tightly.

Lisa: stay 

Lisa says while snuggling into my neck. Making me giggle.

Jennie: babe you have work in about an hour and I'm going to make you some breakfast.

Lisa groans shaking her head at me like a cute little baby... she's my cute little baby.

Lisa: 5 more minutes sweetie just stay here for a while then we'll get up...

Lisa whines while squeezing me a little. I couldn't help but chuckle at Lisa's behaviour she's so cute when she's like this. But I couldn't stay in bed because I know 5 minutes will turn into 10, 10 into 20 and then before you know it Lisa will be late for work.

Jennie: please daddy get up for meeeeee.

I say in a baby voice and yeah it's Lisa's weakness. Lisa opens her eyes and looks at me. I pout at her making her roll her eyes.

Lisa: fine.... but give daddy a kiss first before we get out of beds

Lisa pouts her lips for me and I chuckle and lean down to connect my lips onto Lisa's. As soon as I felt Lisa trying to stick her tongue into my mouth I pulled away.

Jennie: hey no funny business... now lets gooooo

Lisa chuckles and we get out of bed. Lisa slaps my butt before we left her room making me playfully push her as my face flushed red.

Lisa PoV

After my amazing morning and Jennie making everyone breakfast. Jennie and Jisoo leave to go to the company, and me and Rose went a little after them.

In the car....

Rose: about this plan of yours... what happens after... what if YG still doesn't let you be with Jennie after you expose Kai... what's next.

I didn't really want to think about it. All I wanted to do it get rid of Kai. Get him far away and out the picture as possible, away from my Jennie away from her life in a whole.

Lisa: I haven't really thought about it Chae

Rose: why don't we all run away....

I looked at Rose a little taken back and she just smirked at me from the passenger side.

Lisa: what are you talking about Park Chaeyoung... we can't just run away

Rose just sighs

Rose: think about it Lisa.... we have enough money to retire and sit on our butts all day and eat until we can't eat anymore... We can just move from Seoul and go and live in Busan it's only a 4 hour drive. We can find new jobs or not work at all I mean we practically sitting on money Lisa. We have rich families why can't we just move. Start fresh with our partners.

Rose is making a lot of sense right now.

Lisa: you know I like to work for my money and I don't think sitting on our butts all day and eating until we can't eat anymore is healthy but why didn't you say this earlier, that's not a bad idea.

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