My fault

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"Move," he said to a frightened Caitlin. Although Caitlin was terrified she didn't show it. She had no face expression and wasn't allowing herself to cry. She got up Calmly and started moving in the direction he had led her to, He then blindfolded her and threw her in the back of his car, as well as gaged her. 

After a long bumpy ride, she felt the car, stop and heard what sounded like men arguing. One of them came around the back and got her out. He then threw her in a room still tied up she felt, scared and worried all at the same time. All of a sudden two men came beside her she felt them grab on to her wrists then tied her to the chair, forcing her to sit down. There was then someone that pulled of her blindfold, it took a while to get used to the dark but when she did she saw only one man,

"Well are suspicious about you and the flash is wrong Dr.Snow, he doesn't love you like that now does he." the man spoke

"I told you he doesn't," She said suppressing her hurt and filing it with an act of confidence 

"Now I know that the flash doesn't but does Barry Allen." he said smirking 

"How did you- No the flash isn't Barry, Barry and I are nothing, not friends not lovers." She said 

"Oh, but we will see about that now won't we, "  The man started to shock her sending electricity through her body a feeling of great pain, The man started filming she could hear a few words and she knew it was directed towards the one and only Barry Allen. 


"Did you find her where is she?" Barry said entering the cortex. "well no but there is a video sent,  we haven't seen it yet." they then began the video.

There was Caitlin sitting in the chair still in pain, the man then began to speak "Flash or should I say, Barry Allen, let's make you a deal, you come and get the girl in exchange for your powers. You have 24 hours to find her if not then she dies and I take another one of your loved ones. Time is ticking...flash" they then heard Caitlin scream in pain as there was another the shock of electricity.Barry's eyes were now glowing red, "Barry I need you to calm down." "No Joe I can't calm down. There tormenting her to get to me" Barry shouted then ran out of the room, Joe followed. Barry sat outside the cortex, he cried to himself and Joe sat beside him "Does she know you love her." Barry looked up with sad eyes, " Were just friends, I care about her the same way I care about Cisco."  Barry responded not wanting Joe to know he betrayed his daughter. Joe then began to talk.

Barry hung on to every word until he burst into tears, he wanted to get her back no matter how long it would take him

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Barry hung on to every word until he burst into tears, he wanted to get her back no matter how long it would take him. "Yes Joe, I love her, I messed up she left because I said she, she wasn't Iris." Joe thought for a while "What happened?" Although he thought that Iris and Barry were going to be together, he knew that there was chemistry between Barry and Caitlin. "I was mad at Iris and her me, so I walked off and after I kissed Caitlin I went to her house to apologize, we watched a movie but she looked perfect, so I kissed her again, after that, it became a routine, I thought it was friends with benefits." "but you fell In love?" "then I messed it all up by telling her she isn't Iris, Joe she is kidnapped because I made her run away." Barry cried 

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