Forbidden Love-Bran Stark x Reader

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Ok, so I'm gonna make Bran 14 in this. Also, this is only part one of three, so stay tuned! 😂



The party decorations hung everywhere, red and gold and black all over the courtyard of the castle. Lanterns hung and shone brightly in the dark lighting that Father wanted, they were hung high and in a line to the dining area, so they didn't have to rely on very much else. He hasn't thrown a party since he won the Rebellion years ago because he never seemed like he wanted to celebrate without the one person he wanted to celebrate with. He has thrown small ones before, of course, because he still likes the festivities, mostly the wine, but the extravagancy was never his strongest suit. That's why he left it to me.

I could see all the servants moving frantically back and forth through the kitchens and dining area to try and finish the last few tasks before the first guests arrived. Father was not in a favorable mood after he fought Mother over inviting the Starks, so they didn't want to make him go into a worse state of mind. Neither did I, honestly.

Mother usually spoke little about the Starks and, especially, the forbidden name of Lyanna, but I could sometimes get things out of her when she became terribly drunk. She hated all of them for reasons I probably wouldn't understand completely. She would say that they are honorable, yes, but idiots. She would go on tirades about how Lord Stark ruined my uncle's name without knowing the full story, that even I don't know to this day. At this point, the thought of seeing them again brought her into an irritable mood and me into an apprehensive one.

The servants all parted as Father, Mother, and my siblings came down into the courtyard. I curtsy slightly, "Father, all the preparations are in order and are ready for the guests' arrival."

He nodded, "Just in time, your betrothed and his family just showed up." His booming voice with the reminder of the arranged marriage made me flinch. I completely forgot about my marriage agreement to Loras Tyrell.

I keep my mouth shut. I only agreed to this because of the state that Lord Baelish described the treasury in. I've known since I was a child that I wouldn't have a choice in that but it doesn't sting any less to hear it again and again. "Where is Jon Arryn?" I ask, looking for my father's Hand.

"Sick," Cersei spoke up and I nodded. He has been getting sicker recently, that might be why Father wants to reconnect with Lord Stark.

We line up, Father and Mother in the middle, Joffrey right next to Father, me next to him, then Myrcella and Tommen on Mother's side. Almost immediately, Lord Mace Tyrell enters with his son, Loras, and daughter, Margaery. Loras seemed unimpressed while looking around at the decorations while Mace and Father awkwardly conversated with each other and Margaery eyes Joffrey. After a silence, Mace elbows Loras and he rejoins this world.

He glances at me, "My Princess, it is an honor to meet you." He bends down and I place my hand out for him to kiss. Once he stands straight again, I can see that he is not happy with this arrangement either.

"The honor is mine, my lord." I fake a smile and he doesn't seem interested. I guess that makes sense if the rumors I've heard were true.

A servant girl walked up behind and whispered, "There is an issue with the drinks." I nod and she walks off to her assigned job.

"I am terribly sorry but I must go take care of something for the party." I bowed to the guest and Father before heading to the cellars, hoping that the meeting with the Starks went well, considering that I wouldn't be there to help if I needed too.

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