Chapter 17 - Angel of Madness

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Cas (POV)

We arrive at school about 10 minutes before lesson started. I tell Dean and Adam that I'm am going to the toilet and slowly begin to stroll into school without them, leaving them who'd to catch up with their friends.

"Cas!" I hear someone shout and quickly turn around. Meg is running over to me and I smile broadly.

"Hey Meg, are you okay?" I ask, my smile faltering when I see the tear marks down her face.

"No! Alistair broke up with me!" She exclaims before hugging me tightly.

"Oh in so sorry Meg." I say and hold her at arms length. "Truly I am."

"Thanks Clarence." She sniffed and wiped her tears away with the back on her hand. "Would you meet me after school today? I need cheering up." She looks so gloomy and down and my heart goes out to her.

"Of course I will Meg!" I say putting an arm round her. "Come on, let's get you to the toilets. We can't have Alistair thinking that he's made you cry, he'd get off on that." She chuckles lightly and we nth make our way to the toilets. She enters the woman's and I enter the mans, going over to the urinal. Before I can unzip my jeans I hear the bathroom door open and close and find Gavin stood there. He looked awful, he had a black eye and his lip was scabbard over. He looked like he had been crying just as much as Meg had but he was also surprised to see me.

"Cas! I didn't think anyone would be in here." He says gloomily and I walk over to him, completely forgetting that I needed a piss.

"What happened?" I exclaim in a whisper, gently touching his eye and swollen lip.

"Nothing Cas, nothing at all." He sniffs and tries walking past me but I grab hold of him.

"Tell me Gavin." I demand seriously an he scoffs.

"What would you do about it? It's not as if you can save me or anything! Just drop it Castiel."

"Did Crowley do this to you?" I ask suddenly and he looks down at the floor.

"my father has his reasons for doing what he does."

"Yeah, the reason being that he's a demon." I hiss and he looks up at me sadly.

"He's annoyed because we haven't my for so long. He wants me to prize information out of you." He says in a whisper, looking around to see if anyone was listening even though we were the only two people in here.

"What does he want to know?" I keep my voice low to reassure him that no one will hear but he still looks worried.

"He wants to know something about mission that you and your family are on. He also wants to know why a bunch of hunters are looking for you. I thought hunters only went looking for things like... Well, me." He bites his lip and looks down. "Do you have any idea what he's talking about? Please give me something Castiel! Anything at all, I need to give him some information otherwise he just takes it all out of me."

"Hunters are looking for us? I didn't know that but I'll let Zandriel know. And I can't tell you about the mission because we don't even know what our mission is yet."

"Who are you working for?" He asks hurriedly and I smile

"Your father already knows who we are working for Gavin, you don't need to know that."

"Please just tell me something. I hate being the go between man but not even knowing anything myself."

"There's a reason why your dad won't tell you who we are Gav," I look at him seriously and sigh. "It's because if you find out who we are you will be so afraid of us. You won't do what your father tells you to do anymore and he will have to find someone else which would be a nuisance to him."

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