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4 months later..

4 months had passed in the Lopez house and everybody was in their normal routine. Olivia was preparing to go back to softball in the next few weeks and also preparing for school, Colby was on the road more than ever now and Rebecca was in full nesting mode now. They only had 4 weeks left

She sat in the nursery and organized clothes, she had been doing this for what felt like months but in reality it had only been happening for a few days. Colby was on the road for the third week in a row. He hadn't been home since late the previous month. His off days were spent doing media or filming something for the office.

"Can I help?" Olivia asked as she walked into the nursery and sat down next to Rebecca
"You can start going through these" she said handing her a pile of clothing "You see the numbers.." she pointed to the tags and Olivia nodded "Find the pile that has the same numbers and put it with it" she explained
"Is she really gonna be this tiny?" Olivia asked as she held up a tiny pair of newborn pants
"I hope" Rebecca said with a laugh "How much do you think she's gonna weigh?"
"10" Olivia answered quickly
"10 what? 10 pounds.." Rebecca said "Do you want me to never walk again?"
"She'll shrink until she's out"
"That is not how that works kid" Rebecca shook her head "Trust me I wish it was"
"How much do you think she's gonna weigh?" Olivia asked her now
"I would say probably 6 or 7 pounds.. pretty normal"
"I was a lot smaller" Olivia announced
"Yeah, You were also already born at this point though.."
"What is she gonna look like?"
"I don't know.. who do you think she's gonna look like? Me or Daddy.."
"Daddy" she said with a nod confidently
"So You are telling me that I'm doing all of the work, I'm going through everything and she's going to come out and be 10 pounds and look like Daddy.."
"At first!" Olivia announced "I think she will look like you when she gets bigger like me"
"Okay.. I'm okay with that" Rebecca nodded
"Scarlett!" Olivia yelled as she put her head in Rebecca's lap and Rebecca felt the little girl begin to move inside of her
"Aw.. you scared her.." she said and Olivia laughed
"It's funny" Olivia laughed
"It's funny that I'm in pain?" Rebecca asked "Whenever you scream at her like that she goes up into my ribs"
"I'm preparing her!" Olivia defended herself
"Preparing her for what?" Rebecca asked
"When she's around the screaming crowd.. duh"
"I don't think that's going to help while she's still inside me" Rebecca shook her head
"Do you think She's gonna remember me?"
"Of course she'll remember you.. you talk to her every day, she knows your voice and she knows my voice and she knows Daddy's voice"
"She likes Daddy's voice a lot" Olivia nodded as she put her head in her little hands, he elbows were resting on the carpet now as she laid on her stomach on the floor and stared eye level with Rebecca's stomach
"She does.. I think she likes your voice too"
"What about you?" she asked
"She is always hearing me, I'm the first person she could ever hear"
"She still hasn't told you her favorite color yet though.."
"No, I'll ask her when she comes out.. first thing when she's out that will be my first question"
"Then ask her what her favorite movie is"
"She hasn't watched movies Olivia.. how would she have a favorite?"
"Yes she has!" Olivia argued "She watches movies with us every Saturday.. and she even eats popcorn!"
"You're not wrong I guess.."
"Is she gonna sound like me and daddy or you?"
"Maybe both. she may have a little Irish accent because she's going to be around all of us, We'll see what she picks up along the way"

** A/N: Cute! Who do you think Scarlett is going to look like? How good of a big sister is Olivia going to be? Will Baby Scarlett pick up a small Irish accent? 🤔 **

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