fifty three

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"now, you'll watch my vlog before i post it" david sat down by my side on the couch with his laptop on his hand.

"this is it?" i asked and he nodded, starting the video. the first scenes were a few clips from all of our friends until a clip from a few weeks ago started.

it was me showing him my collection of marvel things. "this one is my favorite" i showed him my spiderman t-shirt. then, the frame froze with me smiling.

david started talking in the back while 'ophelia' by the lumineers played. "this is my girlfriend ophelia; i know her since she was ten and we've been together for three months now. ophelia is a huge fan of marvel so i decided to give her something nice" and he added the seatgeek ad. after the ad, it was us in his car.

"david this is a weird place to give me a car" i began when he turned to face me.

"i'm not giving you a car" david answered

"then what is it? i have anxiety david!" i rushed him.

"so, i know you've been wanting this for a long time...and i know you're a huge fan, so..." he grabbed the two tickets. "do you wanna go to the endgame premiere with me?"

"no you didn't!" i gasped. "david, oh my god! how... this... yes! of course i wanna go with you!" i squealed and hugged him.

"you're crying?" he asked giggling as i pulled away. 

"yeah" i laughed too, wiping away some tears. "thank you so much dave" he cut some parts out. "this is fucking amazing! we are at my favorite place and you just gave me the best gift ever, i'm... speechless" i ran my hand through my hair. then, david didn't add our kiss. "also, thank you seatgeek!" we both laughed and the outro started. the final scene was us at the beach with me showing him how to do a cartwheel until he threw sand into my eye.

"are you crying again?" david asked and i turned to face him and he was filming me with his phone.

"no, i'm just tired" i showed him my middle finger. he posted on his instagram story before grabbing his laptop from my lap to post the new vlog. "and that's it" david said when he tweeted the video.

"now what?" i tilted my head to the side like a puppy. he frowned. "what do we do?"

he stood up and gripped my hand for me to do the same. "now we're going to sleep" he smiled.

"and then?" i bit my bottom lip as we went to his room.

"maybe tomorrow i'll post something on my instagram" david shrugged and i nodded taking my hoodie off.

"and that's it?" i sat down on the edge of the bed.

"yes" he rolled his eyes, stopping in front of me. "babe, don't worry, everything will be fine, trust me" he slid ond hand behind my neck and rested the other on my cheek. "whatever the future brings..."

"you're my light" i completed with a whisper, holding his wrist.

"yeah, and you'll always be" he leaned in to peck my lips. "we're together and together we can do anything" i nodded again. "just don't be scared, don't let that fear stop you from being happy"

i could hear our phones blowing up with notifications in the nightstand but at the right moment, it didn't matter. i just wanted to hear him saying all these cute things. "that's so inspirational" i smiled, joking.

"i'm just quoting our friends that time ilya asked us to make it official" he shrugged. "but they were right" david tugged some hair behind my ear.

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