(Forgive Me Part 4)

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"Maam... I need you to push now..." Chaeyoung tried to push the baby but she already lost a lot of energy to push.

"Chaeng..." Chaeyoung was looking out for the one who called her name. When she look beside her,she saw Jaehyun was smiling at her.

"J.. Jaehyun..." Chaeyoung called his name and stretch out her hand,wanted him to hold her hand to give her his support. She has to fight for their baby. It's a lie if she said that she didnt miss Jaehyun at all. After she broke up with Eunwoo,Jaehyun is the one who always come into her mind. She hate to admit that she has fallen for her bestfriend.

"I need you..."

"Always with you..."

"I'm going to fight for our baby Jae..."

"You need too..." He was smiling and a miracle happend when Chaeyoung started to push again. She's like got all her energy back. Jaehyun still with her,holding her hand tightly. He's not even frowning,all he does just giving her his support and sometimes he just smiling. The pain slowly faded when Chaeyoung heard a loud noise coming from her baby.

"Thank you Chaeng..." Chaeyoung could feel Jaehyun release his hold from her and he slowly went away with a smile on his face.

"D..... Dont go.. Please..." She muttered one last time before she closed her eyes. Meanwhile Taeyong was waiting nervously outside of the operating room. He went to the hospital immediately soon after someone called him and informed about Jaehyun being hit by the car. He called all of his friends and they were gathering at the hospital. Jennie and her friends went to the labour room and waited for Chaeyoung to be done with her delivery while Taeyong and his friends were waiting outside of the operating room,pray for Jaehyun's safety.

"Is he going to be fine Tae? I want to asked for his forgiveness after what i have done on him..." Yuta said to Taeyong. Taeyong look at him and shook his head.

"I.. I dont know. The doctor cant promised anything. He told me that Jaehyun is in critical condition. It's a miracle if he save. Even if he safe, the doctor cant promised anything if he could remember us as he said that Jaehyun's head hit something before he completely rolled on the road."

"T.. That's mean he will?" Yuta cant even continue to talk as he know what Taeyong mean about Jaehyun's condition.

"He will lost all of his memories and i dont know if he can remember us back or not.... If he lost all of his memories,he will completely forget about us and...."

"Chaeyoung..." Ten said after Taeyong stopped from talking.

"I... Is that mean he wont remember that he has a child with our Chaeyoung?" All of them turned their head when they heard someone talk. Jennie slowly come forward and hold onto Taeyong's arms.

"Tell me that was a joke Lee Taeyong. Tell me it's a joke.."

"I.. I'm sorry..." Taeyong lowered his head.

"No... He cant forget them. After what he has done on our Chaeyoung. He cant forget that he has a child with her...." Jennie said to him but what Taeyong's done just lowering his head down.

"It's done Yong... The lights turned to a green one..." Yuta tapped his shoulder. Taeyong waited for the doctor to walk out from the operation room and tell him about Jaehyun.

"How's my bestfriend?" Taeyong asked soon after he saw a doctor come out from the room with his green dress.

"We successfully operated him and he's such a strong fighter. But......"

"But?" Yuta asked him nervously.

(Chaeyoung Pov)

It's good to be back again with Chae Hyun. He's so much like his father especially when he was smiling. It's already 6 years past and he grown a lot. When i look at him,he completely reminded me to his father.

 When i look at him,he completely reminded me to his father

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(Jung Chae Hyun)😂😂😂

"Mommy. Where's daddy?" Chae Hyun asked me about his father's wherebeing. What should i told him. He will be crying if i told him about his father.

"Daddy... He's upstair..." I said to him while pointed at the sky.

"Will he be back here?"

"Soon.. Are you missing him?" I asked him. He just nodded.

"Dongsaeng must be missing him too..." He said while pocking my belly.

"Jung Chae Hyun..." I was smiling soon as i heard his voice. The voice that i have been missing off.

"DADDY!!!!!" Chae Hyun was running toward his dad while me just walking to them slowly. I saw he's lifting Chae Hyun with his strong arms and smile at him.

"I thought you will be back here next week..." I said to him.

"Completely run away from my schedules. Kidding. I asked Taeyong to take over my job and here i am..."

"But Jennie,isnt she had a very bad morning sickness?" I asked him.

"He told me that she hate seeing him around her. So she just want him to drive the airplane..." He was smiling at me,showing his deep dimples. Yeah,thats him. My charismatic husband. He has been through a lot of things. Paralyzed because of his back but now he completely recovered. Lost his memories soon after he conscious. He dont even remembered his name but now he already remembered everything. Each days were hard but we've come through it. Jaehyun proposed me when Chae Hyun was 3 years old and now we marrying each other for 3 years. We of course had a lot of debate and it's always me who win the debate as Jaehyun was raising his arms as the sign of surrender from having fight with me. He does a lot of sacrifice for me and Chae Hyun. I still remembered on how he come begged me to forgive him when he remembered about the incidents. At first it's really hard to forgive him but i was realized that i should give him a chance. So here we are now.. Happy with our little family. Jung Jaehyun will always be my bestfriend,my sweet husband,my charismatic soulmate and Jung Chae Hyun and soon to be our little baby Jung Chae Yoon will always be my sort of happiness and my babies. I'm always grateful for the forgiveness i gave to him. Without the forgiveness,we will never be like this. Happy and sweet.

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