109 books & Thank you

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So uhm... I didn't realize until now that I'm crazy over Wattpad. And that, I cant stop reading books. I think I need help. 😂✌

I read 6 more stories (from 103-109). Soon enough, I'll be reading over 1,000 books. 😂

I also cant stop making books, I'm like, working on a lot of chapters so that, if I ever finish all of them in one day, I'll just publish it all.

I'm soon going to make a Xinlong, Zeyu and Mingrui book. Soon.

Thank you for reading my books/stories and thank you for voting too!

I'm also so thankful for all of you guys who vote and read my stories because, 3 of my stories got to over 1K reads!!!

And thank you for helping me reach 400+ readers here, in this book. I really appriciate it!

Someday, I might become a writer instead of a doctor. 😂

And also, to be honest, I prefer the books/stories in Wattpad than the ones in the bookstore because, usually, there are no books related to what I like.

And again, thank you so so much for helping me reach this far! If it weren't for you guys, I wouldn't have been to where I am now.

It actually feels like you guys are a part of me.. Wow 😁❤

Spread love and peace ❤✌
Have a good day ❤
Hope you are doing fine 👍
Thank you for everything ❤🙏😁
Have a great weekday, weekend, holiday, summer or season. 👌

Don't forget to smile always because its healthy for you. ❤

Dont worry be happy. 😄 (Its a song)
And again, thank you and have a great day everyone!!! ❤❤❤

Sincerely Yours,

+lots of love from your dear author+

(counted the hearts, there were 252 😅)

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