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Step sibling
Li Zihao


Finally, Hanyu or, my so called brother is finally inviting me to his dorm and letting me meet all his friends.


At his dorm

"Uhm... I'm looking for Hanyu?" I asked that short guy who opened the door, "Uhm... Are you a fan--" I cut him off, "I'm his sister.", "He doesn't have a sister." he said, "I'm his step sibling, now, go and tell him I'm here or I'll litterally explode infront of you." I said, pissed and he immediatly told Hanyu.

Hanyu looked at the door and ran to me, yelling "SIS!" and then he hugged me, "Hanyu.... yay." I sarcastically said, (is that even a word? lol). "You're sarcasm is really bad." he said while letting go, "Its meant to be obvious dummy." I said while rolling my eyes and he finally let me in.

I was about to say 'hi' to his friends until he said, "Oh and Yn, you can't hold hands, no kissing, dont be too close to them and... YOU CANNOT DATE EITHER ONE OF THEM." he said, "Whatever" I said while rolling my eyes, "Oh and... You forgot, you're supposed to call me 'jiejie' since I'm older." I said to him. He just rolled his eyes.

"Hi, I'm Jia Yn, I'm Hanyu's sister." I said amd smiled at them. "Hello, I'm Zihao.", "I'm Xinlong", "I'm Zeyu", "I'm Mingrui", "And, I'm the youngest, Shuyang." They said and, Zeyu, asked how old I was, "I'm 15 years old."

We all started to talk then, me. and Zihao got close to each other, we had same interests. And of course, I didn't care about the rules Hanyu gave.

"Yn, I think I know why Hanyu didn't want us to meet you." He said, "Why?" I asked, "Its because you're just drop dead gorgeous." He said while smirking at me. "Ikr." I said while flipping my hair and we laughed.

"Be my girl?" He asked, "Sure!" I said, and he then placed his lips on mine.

"Hey Yn, jie-- OH MY GOSH!!" (get it?) We both pulled away. Then, Hanyu appeared out of nowhere and yelled, "ZIHAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" then, he wrote on a bunch of numbers on a piece of paper and gave it to me, "Call me." He said while winking at me, I giggled at him.

And.... You know what happened.

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