Midnight Chats Part 14

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28th April 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

It took four hours to clean down every surface that could have been affected and to redo Mr Simmons home thoroughly so that he could come back in.

I managed to look through his files to see that we are allowed to remove him from premises if we deem it necessary. So, I had Judy ask Mr Simmons if he would like to go down to the store with Judy and do a bit of shopping. Maybe also pop into McDonalds and have an ice-cream.

It worked like a charm which allowed me and Norma just enough time to manage most of the house before he came back a while later. We had to use hand held heaters to dry everything and were in that particular process when they came back. These were like hair dryer kind of heaters. They did the job they were needed for.

He slowly came in through the front door and sniffed as he stopped. When we saw the smile come over his face, we knew that we had eradicated the chemical smell to the degree he could bear it.

It is so hard these days for some people who have disabilities and suffer things like this. It makes it very hard for them to go about doing the normal day to day things of life that most others take for granted.

What normal cleaners do for the normal household, can not be used for some like Mr Simmons. They might smell nice to us, but they rank to him and cause a burning sensation to be felt in both his eyes and nose which upset his balance very much. Hence him having a meltdown like he did.

I was just glad that Gran reminded me about the change with the companies recipe where their product was concerned. It might have been for cost effectiveness to help the company. But it ruins the lives of some people.

Hence the meltdown Norma was there to witness and report to Judy who was the call manager after I finished for the day. So, I will have to make note that from now on, Mr Simmons premises will be steamed and if cleaning agents are to be used, they are to be naturally organic with no chemical ingredients.

Which is actually something I was already in the process of doing since I have begun to notice that a lot of the cleaning agents I used when I first began to start cleaning have changed their recipes to cater to those stubborn stains that are hard to move by using a substance that is mostly chemical based.

Anyway, I was walking back into my utility room four hours later with my equipment and had to clean them all before taking myself off to bed. I sat the steamers and cleaners on the bench for me to disassemble. Which I did fairly efficiently in the darkish quiet of the late evening. It was not quite midnight and I had to be quick since I knew I was going to be up again by dawn.

I only had down lights on under the cupboards to shine down on the bench as I separated the heads from the handles

I had already tossed all the clothes in the washer along with the steaming toweling heads and turned them on to a hot wash after tossing in one of my own handmade laundry tablets from a recipe that Gran knew that her won grandmother passed down to her. I have slide on cloth mops with terry toweling heads that also need to go into a hot wash, but I needed to soak these ones first. 

I had them soaking in another of my laundry tablets that I make using simple home ingredients. While they were soaking, I pulled apart the main mop heads from the handles and sat them in the sink while I wipe down the handles with Isopropyl alcohol diluted with vinegar. The smell fades after drying. I would have used methylated spirits, but the smell lingers too long for my tastes.

I was just finishing tossing the now soaked heads into the other small automatic I use on a low wash when I heard someone clear their throat behind me.

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