Admissions Part 13

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27th April 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

I was sitting at the table quietly eating dinner without looking around at anyone else. It was my grandparents who were the ones to carry the conversation for the adults with the twins chatting away with Randi, their newly acknowledge cousin.

Debborah had tried to talk to me, but I was not really int he mood to be spoken to by someone who has come into our lives and befriended us just to spy on us and to get what information they could all because I told her son, Oliver, to rack off and keep Doug away from us along with him and his family.

They have no idea how pissed I am. I hated being deceived and especially where my family is concerned.

" I'm sorry Rene. I was just.." I held up my hand and wagged a finger at her to stop speaking. I didn't want to hear her excuses.

" And I thought dinner back with my parents was tense." Xavier muttered that loud enough to be heard by everyone.

" At least you had dinner with your parents. I had nannies." I muttered back at my brother.

" Well, aren't you a lucky duck." He then muttered as he looked across the table at me. I just stared at him.

" Don't be smart or I will show you why big sisters are to be feared." I growled at him. His eyes widened and he sat back a bit further in his seat as if he was frightened I would reach over and snot him one.

" So that was why you always went into the bedroom and had your meals? Why didn't you ever tell us that, Doreene?" Grandma asked as she looked at me in shock.

" You did know that I was born into wealth, Gran? The kind that came with servants. We are talking about my parents. You know.. your daughter. Her, the one named Susan?" I looked at my grandmother and spoke in a droll kind of voice.

" Don't be smart, Dear. We just didn't realize why you always went into the bedroom to eat." Pa said with a bit of a frown.

" That was where the nursery was. That was where all the nannies worked. I had three from memory. Spiteful bitches." I snarled when I remembered them. 

I hated Nannies. I always said to myself that when I had children, I would never hire a nanny to look after them. My babies would have me. They were my responsibilities. Not someone else's.

" So, Oliver is it?" Pa suddenly turned to the big silent man who was quietly eating what was dropped in front of him after sitting down at the table.

" Yes, Sir." Ollie looked at my grandfather, slowly placed his knife and fork down on the plate in front of him and after wiping his mouth with the napkin, he gave Pa his attention.

" Why did you send your sister in to do some recon where our family is concerned?" I raised an eyebrow at hearing Pa jump right in and ask Ollie what I wanted to ask. But knew that once I did, I would probably explode on him instead.

" Because Doug and Sybil are twits and when Ollie went and told him about you and the twins he fathered, he had a hissy fit thinking you was going to come after him. Sybil would not like it. She doesn't know about Bryce and Jasper." Randi butted in to say. Probably in the hopes that she was defending her brother.

" It still doesn't tell us why you lied to us." I growled rather lowly. But they all heard.

" And I am sorry for that. But I didn't think that you would have wanted to talk to us if you knew who we were." Debborah said imploringly when she turned to look at me. I saw her glance around at Gran and Pa as well as the boys.

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