Setting The Rules Part 12

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27th April 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

Home life eventually settled down for us with the inclusion now of having Zav with us after our mother dumped him here on us. When he found out what his mother did, he was ropeable to begin with being so upset as he was. It was Gran who went off on him and gave him some lovin' which calmed him down .Then he soon had learned what was acceptable and what was not.

" Our house, our rules. You only get to have two choices. Ours.. or none." Pa said to him over breakfast one morning when the boy thought to throw a right hissy fit.

" Then I choose none." Xavier had to say sarcastically which had Pa leaning back in his seat. Gran was standing beside him about to pour his coffee into his cup and stopped to look at him as he sat there smugly on his own seat. Zav soon began to look a little nervous with the way our grandparents were looking at him.

" Just so you know, they kicked me out when I chose none." I leaned in and whispered to him from behind. He lost the smug look on his face and the scared kid began to shine through a little as he sat there a bit uncertainly.

That was one of the rules that Pa went to set down and Zav found he couldn't win. Once the boy found out what the others were that we all had to live by, Zav found it easier to settle in. He had boundaries and he knew not to break them. It didn't stop him testing them every now and again. But he learned not to cross them after a while and he soon settled in with us as a family.

I went with him down to the courthouse  when it became apparent that our mother did the bolt and left and had his ID checked and proved and after making sure that there were no other legal problems with having Xavier living with us, I went before the judge and became his legal court appointed guardian until he was twenty one. The judge was organizing it so that paperwork would be sent to both of Xavier's parents.

I didn't care how they felt about receiving them either and I would have liked to have been there to find out that Xavier had requested that his parental rights where his parents were concerned be terminated. How they felt about that is anyone's guess.

After heading over to the school and getting him enrolled, the school checked with his previous school, which was one of those prestigious private ones he attended, his records were forwarded on and after getting assessed, he was enrolled in most of the classes that the twins were enrolled in.

I have to say that it caused quite a stir with the girls in the school when he turned up the first day. But everything settled down within a few weeks.

Work also plodded along for me as it normally does as well. We ended up with a couple of more clients and with all the ones we have at the moment on our books, we can manage everything quite well apart from the other extra duties I have to perform.

I was cleaning all the equipment in the utility room at the end of the day when Pa came to get me. I was just about finished rinsing the mops and wringing them out to hang when he stuck his head through the door.

" Hey, lovey. Debborah was in the area and called in with Randi." He said with a smile. 

" How lovely. That was nice of her. I wondered what brought her out this way?" I said with another grin while wiping my hands. I had just finished and hung everything up to dry. Then I followed Pa back into the main part of the house.

" Hello. How nice to see you both." I said as I approached to give the two visitors a hug.

" Yes. I didn't want to come this far and not pop in for a visit. You have a lovely home here." Debborah said as she smiled while looking around.

" Hi there Randi." Bryce called out. Then we watched momentarily while the boys introduced Xavier to Randi. I could see that the two were looking at each other for a moment more than necessary. But i thought that since Deb is her mother, she can have the worry about it.

Then the boys had decided to take Randi off to the back family room where they had a pool table set up for a game. I pulled Deb into the kitchen where I was making a coffee for us all before getting dinner ready. We sat around chatting with Grandma and Pa after coffee and while I got dinner ready.

" I don't know. My son dropped us off while he went off to do a job. He should be back at any moment. I will have to wait and see what he says in case he has something else planned." Deb said when I asked her if she wanted to stay for dinner.

I made plenty extra just in case he says it was fine to stay. She had been talking about her son Oliver, or Ollie as she called him, ever since I met her. he was out looking at some bull he came across to have a look at. I don't understand bulls, bull lines, breeding lines, breeds, cattle, cows, heifers or anything else relating to cows except one thing... how well they cook.

It was another hour before Ollie turned up. I was in the back room watching Randi and Xavier clean up and trash the twins in their second game since Randi arrived. The kids were quite boisterous and enthusiastic with their games.

" Rene." I heard my Pa's call and looked to him from the kids with a smile. But he was not smiling. Wondering what was up, I waved the kids to finish up and clean themselves up for dinner which was going to be shortly and turned to follow Pa out of the room down the hall.

" What's up. Pa?" I asked him with a frown.

" Debborah's son is here." He said with a slight growl to his voice. The angry kind I hear on a rare occasion these days.

I turned and walked down the hall to the lounge where a tall broad shouldered man was standing with his back to me as he clasped his hat in his hand while talking, or listening in this case, to his mother.

I wondered why he looked a bit familiar. 

When he turned around, I knew why.

It was Doug's so called cousin. Debborah's son. I looked right quickly at her to see her looking back at me with a nervous twitch. One that was also accompanied with a look of shame for some reason.

Then I thought back to the car show. It was Randi who came along first before coming along again and introducing us to her mother.

" You knew who we were before you met us?" I asked her quietly with a hint of disgust in my voice.

" Yes. I did." She admitted apologetically.

" You are not above using kids to get what you want, aren't you?" I asked her with a glare. One of my cold ones.

" It was not like that Rene. When Oliver came back and told us that he saw the twins and that you spoke to him, I.." I cut her off.

" I thought to speak to the creep that was trailing my children around a car show. I perceived him as a threat and dealt with it. I could have done it legally and called the police and had him charged. I didn't go ahead and use a kid sending her to get information because you think the boys are related. But I didn't for which you should be grateful." I snarled as I looked up at Oliver, or Ollie who was just looking back at me with dark hooded eyes.

" Mum." I looked back behind Oliver to see Jasper standing there a moment before Bryce joined him in the doorway.

" Boys..?" I began to speak but Bryce held his hand up.

" Let's all have dinner and then we can talk about it." He said which had me frowning at them.

" You know?" I asked them as they looked at Oliver and again at Deborrah with new eyes after hearing what she said. or what I said.

" Over dinner, Mum." He said again before turning and walked away from the lounge room. I looked at the others and without saying another word, I followed my sons.

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